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Zara marketing plan

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Fast fashion – used information technologies and groups of designers – through point of sale system into what the shops sell as their feedback is sent back to the head office

Marketing mix strategies According to Kotler, Keller and Burton (2009), marketing mix strategy is required to expand the segment positioning strategy, which includes all aspects such as product, price, promotion and place. Zarasells a largely homogeneous product for a global market (Flavian and Polo, 2000). Nevertheless, there are some adjustments in its marketing mix because of the customer’s size differences in Asian countries (Monllor, 2001).

What differentiates Zara’s business model from that of its competitors is the turnaround time, and the store as a source of information.

Zara’s strategies like just-in-time manufacturing, delivery and sales, flexible structure, low inventory rule, quick response ppolicy and advanced information technology enable a quick response to customer’s changing demands (Castellano, 1993, 2002) Product and Brand Strategy Brand strategy – raised its brand awareness by adopting several new brand strategies, for example, offering ultimate fashion at a low cost. – educate this market and influences consumer shopping habits (Blanco and Salgado, 2004) to achieve the word of mouth tthroughout consumers and build positive brand equity. use social media such asYoutube, Facebook, andTwitteras a good communication channel to its consumers and a tool to develop brand community. – not only focuses on customers but also its employs by applying internal branding, which prods its staff to better understanding, managing and delivering Zara brand. Product strategy

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