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1. How do business emails and text messages differ from interoffice emails and business letters?

Business emails and text messages aren’t as permanent as interoffice emails and business letters. Also, interoffice emails and business letters may require a higher level of formality. The act of a business letter should only be necessary when the situation calls for a permanent record. (Pg. 225-226)

2. “ To trust confidential information to e-mails is to be a rube.” What does this mean? Do you agree?

This means that it is foolish to trust emails for confidential information.

I do not agree with that statement. There are many ways to make email secure – whether using an end to end encrypted email, a virtual private network (VPN), secure erasure programs, and many other counter measures. If all countermeasures are taken, you would be able to trust an email to an individual just about as much as you can trust that individual. If someone wants information badly enough they will get that information regardless of what form of communication is being used.

However, the book states that business letters are necessary when it calls for a permanent record. (Pg. 225-226)

3. Why is it important to regain the confidence of a customer in an adjustment message? How can it be done?

A customer that is dissatisfied will spread word to other potential customers. This can cause a loss of prospective business. Regaining confidence in the customer can be done by replacing faulty merchandise, discounting a bill, or making other adjustments upon individual cases. (Pg. 238)

4. How are American business letters different from those written in other countries? Why do you suppose this is so?

American letters seem to be more direct and less personal. In China, for example, they focus on trying to build relationships in their letters. They also are more respectful when making requests. Whereas in Germany, letters are often informal.

I believe American business letters are different because of the different culture. America is all about efficiency – This is what I need, this is how I need it, and this is when I need it by. (Pg. 243)

5. Is the action you are considering legal?
I don’t see any harm in making an apology to a customer.

How would you see the problem if you were on the opposite side? I would be happy knowing that the company was able to take responsibility for the issue and make an appropriate correction. An apology can sometimes keep things from escalating.

What are alternate solutions?
There could be an apology made to the customer or no apology made to the customer. Either way, the issue should be corrected.

Can you discuss the problem with someone whose advice you trust? If your company is large enough to have a legal division you could potentially ask that department if making a simple apology poses any threat to the company.

How would you feel if your family, friends, employer, or coworkers learned of your action? On a personal level, I believe I would have the full support of my family and friends, and possibly even coworkers. However, from the situation imposed I could see how the employer would be upset for creating possible liability for the issue. (Pg. 29)

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