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Writing a narrative

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When writing a narrative essay, the pre-writing and revising stages become handy, in that they allow for the collection of ideas as well as editing them (Clemens, n. d).
The pre-writing session of a narrative essay enables the writer to put precisely, the information and verbs of the story together. While as the narrator gathers information in the pre-writing session, he edits the information in the revising session (Clemens, n. d). Then, the writer’s aim of putting across his intended message is achieved indeed, following a good pre-writing and revision exercise. Usually, the narrative’s point of focus is evident in the first sentence and eventually appears in the closing sentence, thereby driving the point home.
Narratives are purely reliant on personal experience and, therefore, going through the stage of pre-writing and revising ensures that only the important parts, relevant to the story are written. After the narrator has achieved a good pre-writing and editing session and obtaining the clarity intended for the reader, the outcome is usually a notable impact on the reader. Notably, a narrative essays writer does not only center on giving an interesting story but also focuses on exhibiting the influence of the change brought about by the life experience and to impact the audience’s mind for reflections.

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