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Why should we worry about environment?

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In modern life, one has to face many critical problems. Global warming is the most controversial problem. It is not also scientific problem but also common problem because it affects our lives directly.

In recent researches, scientists have proved that global temperature raised 0. 60C ± 0. 2oC from 1901 to 2000 and 0. 74oC ± 0. 150C from 1956 to 2005, so the rising temperature in the world has mostly happened for the recent 50 years. According many scientific researches, global temperature increases by 0.

740C in comparison with one in 1850. Temperature in two poles increases twice as much as the average temperature of the Earth. Because of the domino effects, Global warming causes many environmental problems. The first significant problem created by climate change is ice melting. When temperature rises, polar ice melts, water in oceans and rivers stretches and evaporates fast and then it will change rain level in the world, it makes ice melt much fast. Icy area decreases critically (2.

7± 0. 6 % each year in this decade). Many buildings, houses, offices, oil pipelines, gas pipelines are built on permafrost. Ice melting will make many people in dangerous situations or lose their house; we will lose many important constructions. Ice melting also affects sea level.

Satellite photography indicates that the global sea level raised 3. 1 ± 0. 7 mm from 1993 to 2003. Now, there are many archipelagos that have sunk into sea such as in Pacific Ocean.

Millions of will lose their houses due to encroaching upon land. And this phenomenon is already occurring, as seen when 11000 habitants in Tuvalu archipelago were relocated to New Zealand after rising sea level swarmed their homes. Sea level rises with air pollution and greenhouse effect, the Earth absorbs more and more heat from the sun so it will rain more. The rain changes, it makes some regions are predicted to experience serious droughts but others will be extreme flooding. The weather’s condition will be severe.

Elbe River increased 9. 4 m- it is the highest water level that Germany has ever measured since 1257. It is 2005 that the most storms happened including 15 hurricanes such as Katrina hurricane in the US which is the most dangerous in American history. Heat wave in 2005 in Europe made twenty thousand to thirty thousand people died. According to Muchener Ruckversicherung Insurance Corporation (IPCC, 2005) it is the most damaging natural calamity that has happened in the center of Europe.

This has been the hottest summer in Europe for 1500 years. In the south of Europe, there have been many droughts for few years with many fired forests. Not only Europe, other continents have been in this situation too. Natural disasters have done the world in serious damages.

Damaging ecosystem is one of them. Our ecosystem is changed day by day. According to Global Environment Outlook- 4 (GEO-4), more than 30 % amphibian, 23 % mammals, 12 kinds of birds are disappeared. If the temperature raises 10C, corals, tropical forests in Queensland, Australia, and dried places with small plants in the north of Africa will be affected. If the temperature raises 20C, it will affect ecosystem at two poles and ethnic areas, damage many kinds of insects, cause fires in Middle East. If the temperature raises from 20C to 30C , 2800 kinds of Karoo catus will be disappeared, ecosystem in mountainous region in Australia will bee affected most, many kinds of plants in mountainous regions such as New Zealand, Europe will be extinct.

If the temperature raises 30C, Arctic ice will disappear; Arctic bear will face dangerous situations. It is the most terrible problem because equilibrating biology keep human alive. Our lives have become more and more difficult because of global warming. Firstly, our lives food and productivity of agriculture is dependent on seasonal changes to succeed. Nowadays, farming land is decreased because of many reasons such as being eroded, being encroached. One research showed that desert has encroached land faster and faster.

It is the obstacle of eliminating hunger and reducing poverty in Africa, China and the south of Asia. Farmers constitute 50% of population in developing countries and their technology is simple, their lives completely depend on sowing and planting. United Nations Organization (UNO) alarms that in 3/ 2007, wheat’ s price increased by 87 %, 35 % farmland in the world is declined by human. UNO also predicts that average yield of agriculture of Asia will decrease by 20 % in 2020, 5%- 30% in 2030, so about 459 million people in Asia – Pacific ocean will be malnnourished.

FAO reports that developing countries will lose 11 % of farmland in 2080. The World will be in food crisis. Secondly, as I said, global warming makes our ecosystem changed. It is totally dangerous for us. With increasing natural disasters, infectious diseases develop.

In recent year, a kind of flea in German has increased fast and infect to Germany meningitis which is very dangerous to human. WHO’s research work in 2002 reported about one hundred and fifty thousand people died every year because of hot weather. Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change predicts that 300 million of people who live near sea will lose their house and lack drinking-water, 1/3 of global population will be ill-nourished. Margaret Chan, general director of WHO said that the climate change is the fifth factor damaging human health reason after war, poverty, epidemic diseases and death. Thirdly, it is our livable land that is affected much. A terminology: refugees because of climate changes were born and are controversial problem in many global conferences.

They are thousands of people who were homeless because of the tsunami in the south of Asia in 2004, desert encroaching land in the south of Sahara, sunk island such as Fiji, Saint Lucia, Kiribati, Tuvalu. In conclusion, global warming causes many critical problems relating not only to nature but also our lives. Until now, the Earth’s temperature is rising a little but the consequences are terrible. Our future depends on our action today. I think we should be fearful for our environment, for the future, for our descendants. It is not too late to save our environment, save our Earth – Mother Nature now.

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