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Why i want to study law

Why I Want to Study Law If this world is an embodiment of beauty, justice is what gives it peace. Imagining this world without law and order, there would be no concept of crime; people would do what they would like to and there would be no value of people’s tears and pain. One would kill another and be happy as though he has done a novel deed. Survival would be but, a matter of struggle. This is precisely the reason why I choose law as my future career. Law is the determinant of not just the happiness of humans, it establish the very survival and sustenance of human race with peace and humanity as its goal.
Law and the humanitarian justice is not a matter of everyone’s interest. In order to achieve this goal, I will need to have a good understanding of law and order as well as human morality. Foremost, I will need to have a sense of justice – an idea closely related to the concept of jurisprudence. It is the ability to make decision through insight, taking into consideration the strength of truth along with the power of evidence – the ability to make the right decision and giving the right interpretation of law as a whole. Markus Dirk Dubber’s example is an important one:
The response to fundamental denials of personhood in crime itself puts great strains on the sense of justice. The temptation to deny the relevance of our sense of justice to those who denied it to others, and for that reason, is great. Not only crime, then, may disengage the sense of justice, so may its punishment (2).
Also an important quality that I will need in order to achieve my goal is service towards my country. If my goal is for the benevolence of people, it should be, more importantly, also for serving the nation for making it a better place to live in. Also since this field deals with the truth, the pursuance of truth is not an easy trade. I need to inculcate a crusading spirit if I have to take law as the choice of my career. I must be able to draw a fine line between the truth and the false and that line must be vivid and strong. I will also need to be insightful and intelligent, for the field of law demands a person to be penetrating in one’s mental and emotional vision and must be able to effectively apprehend the true nature of things. I must be able to truly justify the meaning of justice.
In order to pursue this dream of mine, I have decided that I would study law in any of these three universities: University of Miami, Nova Southeastern University in Miami or Barry University in Miami. All of these universities provide an enhancing opportunity for future perspectives in making a successful career in the field of law. The school of law in the University of Miami for example claims to attract and prepare “ talented, successful students for rewarding careers in a wide range of fields – including corporate, international, and intellectual property law” (University of Miami).
Conclusively, law is an interesting field of career. It is, more importantly, the field which deals with both the achievement and persuance of truth, the precise reason why I would like to study the subject. In order to be able to justify the worth of this field, I must be honest, passionate, have a sense of justice and service towards my country and be very insigtful. I am confident that I will one day be able to fulfill my dreams.
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