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Why i disagree with chartered schools

Why I disagree with chartered schools Alternative education systems are the non-traditional methods of education that are different from the mainstream educational systems. These education systems have different social, administrative and fundamental principles and regulations. Charter schools are an example of alternative education. These schools are run financially by the public money or private donations. The funding received by these schools is less as compared to public schools and is only per student basis. These are independent schools mostly created by parents, teachers, administrators or community leaders who describe the school’s missions, administration, goals and structures independent of the traditional public schooling systems. Charter schools are an alternate form of delivering education but these schools fail to meet the required standards needed by an education institution making them unsuitable for a child’s education.
Chartered schools are not funded maximally as compared to the public schools. Hence fewer facilities are provided to the students as compared to the public schools. Students have less optimal school facilities and that affects their extra-curricular activities. Charter schools established with small infrastructure or poorly financed locations lack play fields, play areas, gyms or swimming pools. Children are not offered sports activities and they have lesser space for physical activities. This is a major set-back as extra-circular activities form a crucial part of a school life. Due to limited finances the school also does not offer transportation facilities. Some charter schools open in existing school settings while most of them are housed in self-financed locations. They are dependent on the donations provided by parents and by fundraising. These setbacks restrict the lower income families from joining the charter schools.
Due to the transportation costs, limited information and very high admission requirements, many students are unable to join the charter schools. Hence, these school systems display greater inequality in terms of socioeconomic factors. Certain schools do not allow admissions for disabled students which is also a setback for many families and students. Furthermore charter schools that are established by certain communities can exclude certain groups and also ignore or not teach certain values, which leads to lack of diversity in such schools. Hence, these schools tend to create an economic and racial segregation among the society.
The chartered schools do not fulfil the standard requirements of an educational institution. As the charter schools are completely independent, many of them, especially the newly established ones do not have highly certified teachers and faculty. Additionally, the freedom of the students can lead to poor exhibition of important values as compared to public schools. These schools have poor accountability as the school boards are appointed by the charter organizations rather than the public selection. Henceforward, if any issue or problem erupts the parents have less flexibility and rights to protest for any amendments.
Charter schools are increasingly established with a mission to provide self-designed and constructed principles and structure for the students. This non-traditional education system has several deficiencies in its structure and does not meet the requirements of the parents and students completely. Poor accountability, lack of resources, limited group diversity and minimum funding are some of the major short-comings of the charter school systems. Although, many students are facilitated pleasingly by the charter schools and parents also feel contented with the education system, but it is essential to keep in view the deficiencies. Thus, these school systems should not be promoted.

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