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When the only way in which we

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When we talk about change, is it necessarily a good thing? Some often perceive change is always for the greater good and advocates change asa good thing. But are those, always right? Change is often inevitable. It isthe only way in which we need to adapt and anticipate in order to improveourselves.

Some way or another we are constantly changing. We grow. We age. Andalongside with this, our mentality and lifestyle changes. “ Was the game we usedto find amusing when we were 10 still appears to be the same while giving usthe similar thrill or experience when we are 30? “ Are we still as active andagile as we age being able to perform those acrobatic movements that we wereable to do before?” These are some of the questions we can ask ourselves if wethink change does not happen. With technology advances and reinvents each day, not allare willing to relinquish these changes. Reluctance to change is fairly normalyet a destructive thing. In some cases when managers or stakeholders fail torealize the possible consequences of change such as low morale/loweredproductivity, conflict, mistakes, would lead to significant impact to theorganization itself.

Thus, decision makers often need to ask themselves “ By implementingthese changes, what additional value do I bring to my customers, employees andother stakeholders involved?”. Living in a global fast-paced globalenvironment, businesses, be it big or small is often hit with the interventionof the need to change. Changein brand identity, such as image, logo, slogan may seem to be minor tostakeholders, but in most cases, it will impact end users on how they perceivethe product or services. Large scale change such as organizational change, acquisitionor collaboration of companies is often a complex and lengthy process. This kindof change often has a major impact to the many aspects of the business and one isrequired to keep changes under control while supporting these changes totransform the business One of which that occurred in the past decade was the acquisitionof IBM by Lenovo. It was referred as a “ snake eating an elephant” site.

I will first mention abouthow IBM rose to success through change as well as how the resistant to changeto adapt was one of their major pitfall. After which I will focus about thevast change that Lenovo had to readjust in terms of their organization goalsand vision when they acquired IBM in 2005. Being one of the pioneer in the PCindustry, it was a huge move for a company to sell its business to Lenovo forxxx billion especially with its roaring success in the 1980s with majority ofequity of the company was indirectly coming from that line of salessitehttp://www. tech-thoughts. net/2014/09/samsung-learning-from-pc-era.

html#. WmAN_KiWY2w. What made IBM PC so successfulback then was due to the fact that the IBM PC was a highly modular design andas such, graphics hardware or storage technology could be easily inserted if anupgrade was needed. It was the first PC back then in the market that was ableto do this in comparison to the PC such asthe Atari 800 which was built as a highly integrated personal computer. What this meant to consumersis that they are given the flexibility to upgrade their systems when needed. Withits huge reputation that IBM established over the years, consumers were moreinclined to trust the product with being such a huge organization backing it up. However, what led to their downfall and later, a full acquisition of the PC sectorby Lenovo was more of a strategic move. According to Ex-IBM CEO SamuelPalmisano, “ IBM’s personal computing businesswould have minimal room for innovation, so he decided to sell”.

Thoughstill making marginal profit, IBM decision to sell to Lenovo was because of itslocation, where it hopes to establish its name within the country’s lucrativemarket. site https://www. theverge. com/2012/1/3/2677691/ex-ibm-ceo-revisits-selling-pc-business-samuel-palmisano Little thoughts goes to the team of 12when they built that revolutionary computer system. They did not expect that thiswould change the future of the computing world and as such they released thefull details as an open-source license giving other manufacturers a “ referencedesign” that they could start off with. This left the PC industry to give riseto clones. Who knew an open architecture, thusinviting companies to make knock-offs, and thus lower prices would make todominate the industry? However this will be another story on its own.

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