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Week six summary

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Week Six Summary There are pros and cons by having the employees being backed up by a union. One of the advantages is to back up the employees as a group. This will have a stronger impact. The unions play a crucial role in negotiating productivity deals for the employees, thereby providing them good salaries and financial benefits. It is therefore that, employees who see management as unwilling to share power vote for a union (Casico, 2005). Unions also safeguard employees from exploitation and other industry related health implications by upholding health, safety rules, and legislation.
The disadvantage of having a union is that it can lead to job losses. If the unions indulge in strikes and protests with the employees for unfeasible and avoidable reasons, the employer may suspend or fire the employees. Another negative aspect of being a union member is that it may consider only the interests of its members disregarding the plight of workers from other unions and non-unionized workers.
By having workers from different backgrounds and a different mindset may trigger to disciplinary problems. The lack of discipline and implementation of it may hinder the formation of partnership, thus compromising the concept of consensus. According to Casico (2005) self-discipline, when it is committed, consistent, and dependable; will be in accordance to what was agreed upon.
When the organization provides the employees with an optimal stress free working environment they will show optimum productivity. When the opposite occurs, Corsico (2005) stated that “…stress related disability claims are the most rapidly growing form of occupational illness”. An incentive program (rewards, promotions, recognitions) that takes into consideration the employees’ input increases the motivational levels and reduces the stress levels.
Career Development Plan – There has been personnel training. An analysis of job responsibilities has been performed. We have developed job descriptions and qualification for: First Level Management Position – Regional Sales Manager, Lead Generation Sales Associate, In House Trainer, Marketing Specialist, and Diversity Officer.
Training Program – We will design training for everyone (solution based selling, customer service, telephone sales, closing the sale on the telephone/field) that will be created and conducted and OSHA standards will be complied with.
Methods for Evaluating Employees – I have suggested a 360 degree program. I found a report from the United States Office of Personnel Management (1997) that is important to managers for assessment (please follow the link for details).
Incentives and Benefit Programs – All employees need specific ways to be competitive in a job and earn promotion. We will institute quarterly and annual bonuses, reward trips, and pay the salary plus commission. We will also have mentoring and sales meetings.
Strategies for managing employees` career development – It is important for the company to encourage their employees in their careers so that they remain with the company. We have already started by including the mentoring program suggested by the Career Management Best Practices (2009). This includes: assessment training, career coaching for managers, and establishing individual learning accounts.

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