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Wealth management

Creative Writing: Wealth Management
In the context of wealth management, one is able to positively impact the world from a professional working environment. It is by participating in investment deals that will manage wealth by finding deals and assessing them. It is by way of formulating a strategy that will enable identification of the correct business venture (Chorafas, 2006). The first step is to understand ones intended positive contribution and choosing an approach that corresponds to the desired contribution. The understanding will be by way of distinguishing the various impacts and the investment approach that will lead to a positive contribution. From my own professional point of view, I should be in a position to clearly define these possible positive contributions. It is by investing in ways that will attain a positive environmental and social contribution and impact. The investment should avoid any negative any environmental and social impact by using practices that are responsible. The second initiative is to determine on ways of relationship building with the people who might be affected by the investment. It is important because one is able to know their point of view and opinion on the matter. This consultation will enable proper planning on ways of undertaking the investment so that it positively impacts on them. Thirdly is to recognize the risk the investment can cause. It enables identifying an appropriate investment strategy. Knowing the preference and the issues to be targeted is important in assessing the risk the investment has to the people around (Chorafas, 2006).
The concluding way to make a positive contribution is by partnering with the experts. Partnering with the experts enables identification of the find the correct investment deals that would not be too costly. Partnering with the professional expert partners helps in assessing specific investment deals and helping incorporate them so it has a positive impact and contribution to the world environment around.
Chorafas, D. (2006). Wealth management investment decisions and structured financial products. Amsterdam: Elsevier/Butterworth-Heinemann.

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