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Volleyball can be described as a sport which comprises of Olympic teams. Each of the two teams comprising of six players is separated by a net. There are organized rules which govern what is considered as a score by each team. The two teams try to ground the ball on each other’s side. William G.

Morgan is attributed with the invention of the game in 1895. Research asserts that the game of Volleyball came into been four years later after the invention of basketball which means that it has some inspiration from the basketball game. Initially, the game was called, “ mintonette”. The game is said to have been designed as a combination of four games, which include baseball, handball, basketball and tennis. The game resembles tennis as the first net to be used in the game was borrowed from tennis. After the invention, it was imminent that rules were to be formulated, and this was done in the years that followed.

In1916, there was a first demonstration of the offensive style for setting and spiking. The need for development of rules also resulted in the formation of the United States Volleyball Association. As we know, for any game to be fun and enjoyable, the game must have rules which the players should adhere to. The game of Volleyball is no exception as the first rule concerns the field of play. The place where the game is played is known as a Volleyball court which is 18 meters long by 9 metes wide.

It is divided into two nine meter halves, and a one meter wide net is used in the division of the halves. The marking of the court also sets the way the players are supposed to play. The court is divided into a “ back court” and a “ front row” which are again divided into three areas each. The players keep rotating in the court according to the number which a player held initially. The rules of the game also specify the shape of the ball and material from which it should be made from.

The ball is supposed to be of a 65- 67 cm circumference and weighing between 260 and 280g. In addition, the ball is should be spherical and made from synthetic leather or just leather. The rules stipulate that each team should comprise of six players. A coin is tossed to determine which team gets to serve the ball first. The ball is served so as it; lands on the opposing team’s side of the court and the players on that side are supposed to prevent it from landing down or grounded on their side. The ball is supposed to be returned from the side it came from with no more than three contacts on it.

The three contacts are usually referred to as a pass, a set, and the final touch is the attack. This forces the team which is on defence, to try and prevent the ball from been rallied onto their side. The players do this by trying to block the ball, but if the ball flies past them, the other players on the team focuus on controlling the ball so that it is rallied back to the other side before it touches the ground on their side. This process continues for some time and it forms a back, and forth setting until one side makes an error. A score results when one team makes a mistake.

The team with no error is the one that is awarded a point. This is despite the fact they did or did not serve the ball. The ball is then served for the next point by the team that won the last point. Noticeably, only the ball, which touches the ground within the marked line, is the one which is counted like a point. In case, a team wins a point, and it did not serve the ball, its players are supposed to rotate their position clock wisely.

The team, which garners 25 points first and is leading by two points, is given the set. The game has a total of five sets, and the fifth set is sometimes played to fifteen points. In 1998, the game exhibited some change with an introduction of a professionally defensive player. The Libero is the player skilled in defence and is supposed to wear a jersey contrasting in colour from the fellow team mates. This player is not allowed to serve the ball and can only act as setter under exceptional circumstances.

However, the Volleyball game has many variations to its basic rules with the beach volleyball for instance, been played by two players per team. In addition, it is played on sand.

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