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Visual arts essay examples

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Visual arts

In arts, one of the oldest forms is visual arts. These forms of art convey their meaning though what they depict. These forms of art can be described as the arts that communicate though any form which makes use of eyes and sometimes touch. In this paper, we will explore two forms of visual arts names the sculptures and painting (Metropolitan history, n, d).

Sculptures are one of the most common forms of visual arts. It appears to be rooted in every society and is still in use till today. A sculpture is a two or three dimensional projection which in most cases stands on its own. It requires little of no attachment to other materials but only at the base or at point of attachment for support (Hark, 1994).

Throughout the history of art, sculptures have been use to communicate certain thoughts and aspects of the artists. This evolved over time and the outlook of the sculptures where used to depict emotion, political and religious environments (History of painting, n. d).
There are very many examples of sculptures in the world of arts but the most significant sculptures are from ancient Greece and Mesopotamia not forgetting Athens. They include the naked boy from Athens depicting on lifestyles and a mother and son sculpture found in Italy presumed to be created on imagination of the Holy Mary and her son (History of painting, n. d).

In creation of sculptures, the original piece of materials (wood, stone) might have some parts removed (curving) or added in creating the sculpture. This usually results in a sculpture depending on the intended information to be depicted. One of the modern uses of sculptures is the coinage system in currency.

Looking into painting, it also traces back to almost the age of mankind. It depicts a lot of information in terms of governance, emotions and other aspects of the artist or art period. Painting involves application of substances on a surface to create a visually attractive image which depicts the above mentioned aspects (merian webstar, n. d).

Turning to types of paintings, the classification can be done by the techniques employed, materials and painting media. This results in many classes of paintings which have different characteristics. Painting has also evolved with time to have Arabic paintings, modern western paintings and other genres of painting. A good example of such painting is the wet and dry frescos from ancient Egypt and the neoclassical painting on a beach where the atmosphere appears to be perfect for love (merian webstar n. d).


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