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Violation of constitutional rights

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Violation of Constitutional Rights and citation The case is about the violation of constitutional rights Debbie Ricci was denied to express her political views in her place of work despite them having some rules which restrict the workers from engaging themselves in politics. Kerry Cowart fired her immediately, and the board denied her grievance, the political endorsement turned into a first Amendment case.
Facts and case
Debbie claims that her constitutional rights have been violated after expression her political views in her work place. She states that her first, fourth and fourteen amendments rights were violated by the school board and the superintendent.
The two parties who violated her rights acted on the Cleveland ISD policy which prohibits political activities, which exerted pressure on staff students and parents. All employees have the rights to express their constitutional rights regardless of the rules the employers have stipulated.
The district board and the superintendent violated her rights by firing her and restricting her form not expressing her views on politics. They should be aligned in court and be judged using the constitution chapters which gives all citizens the right to express their political views.
One should be allowed to express his or her political views despite having some rules which prohibits employees from doing so; the employers are violating their constitutional rights.
Separate opinions
The school could adopt narrower policies, which prohibit political pressure, which would necessarily come into conflict with the freedom of speech (Wells 165). The court noted that there are only few instances where employee political views may serve as a basis for termination, when the views interfere with his or her duties.
Debbie political pressure did not interfere with her duties; according to the court the employer had no right to fire her. She had the right to done so because she attended to her duties accordingly, despite not having a good relation with the superintendent and the school board they had no right to fire her after she expressed her political views.
Work cited
Wells, M. Eaton. Constitutional Remedies: A Reference Guide to the United States Constitution. Westport, Conn: Greenwood Press, 2002. Print.

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