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Vietnam war

Vietnam War Impulsive causes, as well as, starting points can be found in obvious forms in most of the American wars. Some of the examples of wars with obvious causes are North Korean War in the year 1950, Fort Sumter War in the year 1861, and a number of other wars that had understandable causes and reasons behind them. However, for the first time, the Vietnam War commenced with no noticeable or apparent reason or cause. This paper will try to understand different aspects of Vietnam War in light of readings from the given text. **In specific, South Vietnam supported by the United States and North Vietnam supported by communist associated nations fought the Vietnam War from the year 1959 to April 30, 1975. Between the years 1950 to 1965, a series of steps were taken by the United States, which resulted in the incremental entrance of the United States in the Vietnam War. **
A number of efforts have been made to understand and evaluate the causes and grounds of the commencement of Vietnam War, which has yet not been clearly defined. One of the reasons of this confusion is the numerous starting dates of the Vietnam War, which perplex the exact entrance of the United States into the war, and thus, the basic cause of the Vietnam War, which engulfed millions of lives and deteriorated thousands of homes in the country. (Friedman, pp. 49-56) Mainly, it has been observed that Vietnam confronted the opposition of every president that came on the seat in the United States, which has not allow the soothing of war conditions in the Vietnam. Secondly, the communism was not accepted by any of the presidency. In other words, the political leaders of the foreign powers considered the communism as the enemy of everything, and thus, Vietnam confronted a lot of criticism and opposition from the United States government. At some places, an infectious ailment was related with the communism by some of the major political leaders of that time. In the year 1949, when the China was influenced with the power of the Communist Party, it was felt by the American leaders that the next Asian domino would be the Vietnam. Thus, one of the causes of the American assistance to the French administration and the French Corps was the fear that was felt by the American leaders, and especially, the American President at that time. (Friedman, pp. 23-27)
The Vietnam conflict was encouraged and supported by most of the U. S. presidents, but in bits. This results in the creation of a disinterest against the withdrawal from the conflict region. It was believed by the U. S. capital that victory would be in the hands of the Communist party, if withdrawal would be done from the Vietnam. Secondly, it was obvious that the Vietnamese people were in the favor of Ho Chi Minh, and thus, election would have been won by the Communist Party with the percentage of approximately eighty percent. In this regard, the cancellation of the elections was good news for the American leaders, as the victory of the communism was not accepted by anyone. Another reason of the Vietnam War was that the credibility of the foreign powers in the eyes of rest of the world would have damaged, if the Southern Vietnam had been left by the American and other foreign armies.
Therefore, it was a question of the ego of the foreign powers, which did not allow the withdrawal of American forces from the Vietnam, and disregarded the ceasefire with the Vietnamese people. Thus, a number of factors are responsible for the commencement of Vietnam War from the year 1959 to the year 1975. It has worsened the lives of millions of people, and yet still, no clear understanding has been made by professionals and experts around the world. Conclusively, we have defined, discussed, and evaluated the different terms and caused related with the commencement of Vietnam War, as well as, other factors related with it. It is hoped that this paper will help professionals and experts to understand the causes of Vietnam War.
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