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Vic muniz

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The paper ” Works and Styles of Vic Muniz” is a good example of an essay on performing arts. It is difficult for people to catch the attention of the public using ordinary means because of the immense development of technology and science. Computers, software, and the internet have opened a wide world for creative artists to innovate new things and hence the public may not be attracted to artworks very easily. In order to catch public attraction, creative workers need to develop really outstanding things. “ Holding our attention today is something of a magic trick, and Muniz has referred to himself as an ” illusionist,” both a cobwebbed term for magician and a winking dig at the modernist prohibition against pictorial illusion”. (Siegel) Vic Muniz is such an outstanding creative artist who has surprised the world when he made the outstanding replica of Leonardo Davinci’s famous art Mona Lisa out of jelly and peanut butter. He is a photographer by profession who was born in 1961 in Brazil and currently lives and works in New York City. He has also made replicas of Davinci’s last supper using chocolate syrup, sugar, wire, thread, etc. This paper briefly explains Vic Muniz’s works and styles.  Vic Muniz’s works and styles
Vic Muniz was initially attracted towards taking photographs of photographs and great artworks. But such things have not given the satisfaction he was seeking for. He decided to attract the world with some new things and started to develop the replicas of famous artworks and photographs using materials which nobody so far tested for this purpose. Starting from the scratch he made use of materials like dirt, sugar, wire, thread, cotton balls, plasticine, chocolate syrup, and yes, even pencil lead. (Vic Muniz)
As evident from the creation given above Muniz’s works always create a great puzzle for the art lovers and hence they will spend more time noticing his works. A puzzle is often attracted human attention because of human nature and interest in revealing the secrets. Irrespective of children, youths or the older ones, all are equally interested in solving the puzzles and hence not only art lovers, even ordinary people who don’t know much about creative arts may also spend more time in solving the puzzle and hence most of the Muniz’s creations are succeeded in forcing the public to spend more time around his works.
Moreover, the materials used for making such outstanding works were a big surprise to the art lovers and hence they will spend even more time watching his wok. He has utilized the useless or ordinary cheap materials mostly to make great creations. People who watch his creations will be amazed to see the utility of some of the waste materials when it is utilized by an imaginative creator. We will understand the greatness of a work only if we will be able to give attention to the minute details of the work and Muniz knows this art lover psychology and utilized it in his creations very well.
Muniz has studied and utilized the human psychology of interest in making real things out of imaginary ones. He knows that real things may not attract people very much because of their daily meeting with such things. But imaginary things always stay in the minds of the people since they were not able to watch or experience it. Moreover, imaginary things always develop curiosity. The thirst for knowing unknown things will attract people towards artistic works which were not even in their distant imagination. “ Vik Muniz knows photography’s power to seduce, to lie – to make the unreal patently real. Even more, he understands the valiant absurdity, in this day of high-tech, high-resolution, virtual images, of using our hands to draw, paint, or sculpt something that looks real. Really, it’s no sillier or more magical to make a face out of chocolate than charcoal” (Siegel)

Vic Muniz is a great creative artist who makes use of waste materials to create great replicas of famous artworks and photographs. Proclaimed himself as an illusionist, most of the times he kept some puzzles in his works in order to catch the public attention. He has shown the world, the utility of waste materials by converting them into great artistic works. He was always tied to make imaginary things real and succeeded in capturing great public attention.

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