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Utilitarianism The core of the ethical theory of utilitarianism is the utility principle, which implies that we alwaysact in order to promote the greatest amount of satisfaction and the least amount of dissatisfaction for the greatest number of people. Mill argued that the notion of human pleasures is equated with happiness therefore; the right action in any situation is the one that produces the greatest possible happiness for the greatest possible number. Happiness is the central value or good that motivates our behavior as depicted by Jason in the film. The greatest happiness is fulfilled when acts that produce maximum happiness for those affected-the best results-are considered morally good acts.
In utilitarianism, ethical behavior implies acting in the interests of the larger group, even if one must sacrifice one’s own interests to do so, just as Posner did in the film. The welfare of the group matters not the individual. According to Mill, higher pleasures are logical or intellectual while lower pleasures are concerned with the physical needs. The role of pleasure is to provide happiness. Showing compassion for the society helps an individual care for the community in which he or she lives. Compassion is very significant to an individual in that it makes them realize the meaning and purpose of life, which is to be happy. This is because since every person wants to be happy, they will do anything to avoid misery and suffering.
Virtues are important because they help human beings to derive pleasure in their actions, have uniformity in the way they act, and act promptly which in turn will result to peaceful co-existence, thus everybody will be happy about the life they live. Posner is following the principle of act utilitarianism in that he desires to die so that he does not cause financial constrain to his family. John Stuart Mill would support this principle because it aims to produce the greatest happiness for the greatest number.
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