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Us history

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U. S. History Outcomes of American Reconstruction Introduction American reconstruction era that occurred between 1865 and 1877 was agreat success because of the various development attained at federal and state levels. America attained fundamental economic, social and political reforms during the reconstruction era, making it an interesting historic event.
Economic Outcomes
Diverse economic reforms occurred during the reconstruction era. In 1865 for instance, Freedmen’s bureau policy creation fostered a welfare agency for the freed slaves and white refugees (Farmer-Kaiser, 2010). This agency ensured timely provision of clothing, education and medical needs to poor citizens. Schools including colleges for blacks and hospitals were built during the reconstruction era. Consequently, economic progress attained caused an improvement in the living standards of citizens.
Social Outcomes
Besides economic outcomes, social reforms also formed part of the reconstruction era. Civil rights bill that advocated equal privileges among America citizens passed by the radical republicans, for example, ended black codes that encouraged forced slavery (Bodenhamer & Ely, 2008). The civil rights bill initiated freedom among citizens leading to the creation of social facilities in black communities such as schools, churches. It further encouraged self-leadership.
Political Outcomes
Political reforms during the reconstruction era changed the governance system of the country. Reconstruction amendments such as the thirteenth, fourteenth and fifteenth amendments outlawed slavery, created framework of bringing southerners to the federal government and strengthened blacks civil rights. In July 9, 1865 for instance, the ratification of the fourteenth amendment ensured that the civil rights act created by radical republicans to fight for the equity of citizens remains valid (Nelson, 2009).
Arguably, reconstruction era was a success in American history because of the various social, economic and political advancements attained. It created foundation for development and unity within federal States after civil war besides creating sanity to black rights. It also encouraged the creation of human rights movements such as women rights.
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