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Urban sociology

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Urban Sociology The concept of urban sociology deals with evidence adduced from experiments and is often characterizedwith theories and hypotheses. It is also uses observation as a means of understanding particular phenomena. Therefore, in the larger philosophy of falsifiability, for instance; a statement can be proven as false. This often requires a certain level of demarcation distinguishing the veracity of statements when they come in conflict with observation. On the other hand, scientific consensus involves the total agreement in form of position and judgment of certain scientists in regards to a field such as urban sociology (Doyal 134). However, it does not amount to accord.
Empirical evidence, thus, amounts to knowledge amassed through the means of observation or observation. It is a form of evidence that equally confirms a belief in truth or the existing falsity that supports an empirical claim. For instance, one of the scientific claims that lack empirical evidence entails the discovery of microbes in meteorites. According to a NASA scientist, some fossil evidence made of cyanobacteria are scattered in the outer space. However, scanning using the electron microscope refutes the identification of structures or filaments that are similar to single-celled algae. In other words, the claim lacks authenticity because of missing links in how microbes can find normal existence in outer space. Another startling scientific claim was the discovery of bushes in planet Mars. Trees and bushes cannot grow on Mars because the planet lacks oxygen to sustain any form of life. Overall, the conspiracy could be refuted based on a weak hypothesis.
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