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Upper vs lower class essay

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Higher Class vs. Lower Class Johnathan Haines Generally, comparisons between classes in society tend to focus on the differences rather than the similarities. Probably the first thing that comes to mind when I think of what it means to be in a upper or lower class society is the financial status of the two groups. Upper class societies are generally wealthier; lower class societies tend to have less and may even face poverty. Another typical characteristic used to compare upper and lower class societies relates to their value and character as individuals.

Although very prejudicial, upper class people are generally viewed as having more education, morals, honesty and integrity than lower classes; lower class societies are generally expected to have more social problems such as teenage pregnancy, child abuse, unemployment, and divorce. These are probably the most typical comparisons made between upper class and lower class societies. Many of these comparisons are valid. But the real question is, what do the distinctions between the classes mean to us and how do these differences influence our behavior.

If our comparison is rooted in judgmental values, then our actions are most likely to be directed towards distancing ourselves from the other class. The other class may even be viewed as a threat to our own well-being. Each class has their own perception of the other. The poor will tell you that money does not make you happy and may feel that upper class societies are pompous and proud. The wealthy build their homes in gated communities, protecting themselves from the threats of “ other classes”. It is clear that each class appears to feel more comfortable surrounded by individuals in the same situation.

Therefore, it may be that the very notion of comparing classes creates a separation between people economically, socially, and maybe even spiritually. Possibly, the process of comparing the differences between classes is the very action that creates them. If so, then as these comparisons are made and perpetuated, the gap between the classes enlarges and the opportunities for each group decline. If it is true that by comparing differences between societies actually serves to separate people, then what is our responsibility, regardless of our class?

I believe our responsibility is to look for the similarities between us and take action to reduce the differences. So, what are the similarities? Well, we all share this earth and the resources on it. Certainly the rich get more than their share and the poor get less, but in the end, we share the same planet. We are also the same species. Although black or white, tall or short; we are the same species and as such, have many of the same needs. We all have a need for food, water, protection from the elements, and good health. Without sufficient amounts of these things, we die and that is also the ultimate and final similarity.

We all face death. Some because of their social status may live a little longer because they have better food, water, and protection from the elements, but eventually, all face death. When I look at the different classes which includes, the upper class, the upper-middle class, the middle-middle class, the lower-middle class, and the lower class, the category that fits my parents the most is the upper-middle class. The reason for choosing the upper-middle class is that both of my parents received a college education, they both have savings, and also they own property.

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