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United nations personal statement essay sample

The UN is one of the most competitive places in the non-profit organizations. I want to be competitive and essential to the organization as I am currently working with UN at its headquarters in New York. The UN has a new policy called mobility system, an integral part of the staff selection system. This policy aims to develop a more multi-skilled and versatile staff, to promote a more integrated approach to the many facets of the organization’s work and to provide staff with more and varied career opportunities. As such the organization’s aim is to ensure that its employees do not stay in the same position for more than five years.

It is for the above reason that I need to further my studies. I have to remain relevant at my workplace. When I was studying at Ewha Women’s University in Korea, my professional dream was to work in a consulting company dealing with the current challenges of globalization. My goals have since changed and now my ultimate goal is to work for the private sector.

I have a Bachelor of Science degree from University of Massachusetts Boston specializing in Management Information System. I also have a Bachelor’s degree from Ewha Women’s University in Korea where I specialized in International Business. In our current society, globalization is the driving force that shapes every person’s daily life. I feel this is particularly strong driven given that I came to the United States to study abroad when I was a high student.

At the United Nations, I am a Team Assistant for the office of Human Resources Management, Policy support services, conditions of service section and Department of Management. The condition of Services section is responsible for conducting and coordinating salary surveys at most non-headquarters duty stations and for recommending appropriate scales, allowances and benefits. It also deals with various types of Human Resource Policy support services to UN staff,

I am responsible for providing analytical and technical support. As such I ensure the organizations’ operational efficiency is improved. I am also responsible for approving, monitoring, calculating and issuing the requests for approval of Daily subsistence Allowance (DSA) rates. I assist with issuance and granting of the Occasional Recuperation Break (ORB) policy bi-annually and Publish Information Circular. I maintain an update the website for conditions of service section. I conduct economic research and analysis on various countries for the preparation of the salary surveys. Therefore, I have skills and experience in research and data analysis on an international scale. In this, I have participated in previous mission subsistence Allowance reviews and surveys.

I have good communication skills and is excellent in public relation. I handle customers who have questions and inquiries to the section matters. I once provided support for a salary survey workshop. I am the person responsible for uploading job profiles in United Nation’s job site called Galaxy.

Prior to working at the UN headquarters, I was working with LABBLEE corporation, in Cambridge USA. I acted as a supporting analyst and also assisted business development executives on various project deliveries. At the same time, I redesigned, published and maintained the company website. I believe I have great deal to offer the program, not simply because of my exposure to two different cultures. I have learned a great deal as the result of my work over the past four years in terms of technology’s impact upon international business. Thus I hope within and without of the classroom to offer my fellow students knowledge of my experiences in the technical aspects of business in the United States as well as gain greater knowledge of International business  as a whole.

I would like to continue pursuing my education and work at the same time. I want to be marketable in the private sector as well as in my current job. Having mobility is very crucial in my career and the current working trends and conditions. I am not only interested in the masters’ studies for personal reasons I believe it is crucial for future professionals to learn in a multicultural environment. I also have the unique gift of having a personal history that spans more than one nation and culture.

I have a rich background in business and this is why I believe studying International business will be relevant for me. During my stint at LABBLEE, I researched on products for purchasing and negotiated educational prices from vendors. I also determined the quality of leads for the company.  More over I recommended any further business development resources or activities to convert the leads into business opportunities. I also developed the company’s marketing collateral and was in-charge of keeping marketing collateral up-to-date. I also conduct extensive market research and identified new business opportunities in the enterprises target markets.  This kind of success is a justification for my interest in the private sector.

To enhance my global competence, I ensured I gained competence in computer applications. I am good in computer language skills. These include c, Visual Basic, MSSQL. Cold Fusion MX, HTML, CSS, Crystal Report and JavaScript. My knowledge in computer systems such as Windows 95, 98, 2000, XP, NT is vast.  I am also good in office application packages such as; MS-Office, Project, Front Page, Vision 2000, Erwin, Dream Weaver, Adobe Page Maker, Fireworks MX and Adobe Photoshop.

Gaining a master’s degree in the field of International Business will not only supplement my cross-cultural perspective with the current theoretical frameworks of international technology, business management and cultural awareness.  It will also enable me to take a new direction in my professional life and help others who seek to similarly change the direction of their professional life. While at the University I believe we will learn from one another by talking about our mutually different yet complementary cultural and professional experiences and expertise.

The Master studies will help me become an internationally attractive employee. I believe I will bring a wealth of knowledge and experience to the University. Most of all, it will help me achieve my ultimate career goal.

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