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Unforgettable day in romania

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My thoughts on that unforgettable day in Romania have brought me to apply to this university today. I can still vividly remember the helpless agony on my grandmother’s face when she was sutured without any anesthesia, the inexperienced careless doctor stitching up her skin instead of treating the broken varicose vein. I was the only one at home with her and whenever there was a problem I naturally had to rely on the nearby hospital in Romania. The medical system is extremely poor in my home country and I had first hand experience of this in my grandmother’s varicose vein hemorrhage.

She asked the doctor to stop the procedure but he could not understand that he was mistakenly treating her for a superficial wound when the real problem was one of the veins. I am reminded of Henry Youngman’s famous quote. “. I told the doctor I broke my leg in two places. He told me to quit going to those places. ” Today I believe that my grandmother’s doctor was one of those doctors. However, that day, was an important one that reinforced my determination to be a doctor. As a doctor, I would show greater empathy for the patient than the indifferent attitude exhibited by that surgeon.

I would be more sensitive to the patient’s pain. His inefficiency had a positive effect on me inspiring me to work on certain qualities in the course of my education so far. With my mother being a doctor, I have always been familiar with a doctor’s ways. Even from a young age when I accompanied my mother to her clinic I have watched with wonder, how patients looked up to her and admired her . She is an extremely charismatic lady and has inspired me to follow her motivated path . She worked hard to get her qualification as a medical student and traveled five hundred miles afar to fulfill her dream.

I have learned a lot from her, not only about the service orientation of the profession but also about the essential skills needed to be a successful medical practitioner and compassionate human being. This principle has always been uppermost in my mind and made me take up volunteering activities that would give me ample opportunities to interact with people who are in need. . My volunteering activities at Lenox hospital or in an ophthalmologic private practice in Romania and at the Hospital for Neuropsychiatry, Arad, Romania did not make me feel alien. at all.

I was as familiar with patients as I would be with anyone else. I have a special liking for children and youngsters . This aptitude found a golden opportunity in my voluntary service at Horizon High school and also in the hospital for disabled children where I did my best for children with cerebral palsy. This unique experience gave me the greatest soul satisfaction. I realized that seeing happiness on the patient’s face is the best reward a good doctor can ever get Therefore in Romania I was also an active fund raiser for an 18 year old leukemia patient who needed a bone marrow transplant abroad.

As an international student in California during my sophomore, I went to a regional school. The friendly people over there could easily discern my aptitude to medicine and emphasized that I was ideally suited to pursue a career in medicine and this encouraged me a lot. I have remained unchanged and my drive to get educated in a medical school has grown stronger with the passage of time. My choice of a host family was with a desire to learn American culture and get acclimatized to this but my endeavors with Jamie, a child with Down syndrome has given me another opportunity for self improvement.

He is a child in my host family and I have had practical experience of living with this afflicted boy. I learned a lot from this child and staying with him made me much more enthusiastic about learning about this disease and finding out ways and means of improving his self worth and quality of life. . This is something that I want to employ in my career. I would love to see patients as persons with feelings and not as mere subjects that need to be treated. One smile of Jamie, the boy that I live with and who is now my friend, is a boost to my morale .

He is learning to fight against his struggles, to be as happy as he can. I realized how lucky I was to be the way I am, and would fulfill my social obligations by taking up medical practice as a career. I am a lover of music and have read and also realized from personal experience that music has positive vibrations on the nerves… “ Music therapy is supposed to be a new form of approach to help children and adults, who have problematic behaviors, to make effective adjustments toward social, emotional, mental and educational aspects, where brain plays a dominant role.”

I have special plans of trying out and implementing this on my patients later in my career as a medical practitioner. While these research reports about the therapeutic value of music may not have been conclusively proved there is no doubt that this is good for the nerves. I have innovative plans of including this in my treatment. I undertake any task with complete concentration and hundred percent dedication. My creditable GPA of 3. 96/4 is proof of this. I participated in Applied Mathematics Contest and Chemistry county contest in 2005.

I do not leave any undertaking unfinished and never have second thoughts midway after taking a decision. My extra curricular activities and work in the library, admission office or computer lab testify to this. I have been extremely popular in all these places and have a huge number of friends because they love my wit and lively spirit. I basically believe in team work and cooperation among people and my sense of humor helps me maintain my calmness and equanimity. I do not get provoked and I am never impulsive.

My basic aptitude to interact with other people has been my biggest strength and I have cultivated this right from my childhood days. I shall rely on this quality of mine to a very great extent both in the course of the curriculum and my career as a medical practitioner. My mother’s sensitivity and interactive skills have had a very big impact on me and it has made me take conscious efforts to hone these skills. As a teaching assistant in the anatomy class and also as a Math tutor, I have developed a lot of patience and listening capacity.

These are other prerequisites of a medical practitioner and those were lacking in the doctor who mistreated my grandmother, leaving an indelible mark on my impressionable young mind. I hope to benefit a lot from the cultural diversity in . the unique blend of African, English and French cultures of Grenada. The fact that the Grenadian community has proudly embraced the University and its students has had a special charm because I am convinced that apart from the high quality of education and training I am about to receive here, I would get adequate opportunities to improve my interpersonal skills.

I have come to know that for thirty years students and community members have lived in peace, with a mutual respect that is genuine and admired and that students, graduates and faculty are dedicated to improving the lives of both old and young on the Island. I shall take up voluntary activities that would help me contribute in my own way to the people here. I would make the best of my time in this university by closely interacting with seasoned expert faculty drawing inspiration from their guidance.

I intend specializing in gynecology and obstetrics. The process of childbirth is a never ending miracle and the more I have heard from my mother the greater my yearning has been to specialize in this field. I would look for opportunities to volunteer in hospitals, work as assistants to experienced expert gynecologists because this would come in handy in my practice later. After successful completion of my education in medicine and gaining some work experience I will have my own private practice.

In the course of my career, I would be a very successful practitioner who has service orientation as my top priority. . As a gynecologist I shall help innumerable young expecting mothers. The way young mothers react on a new arrival has fascinated me and as a doctor I would feel gratified to participate in such pleasure. My childhood determination has brought me here today and my adult motivation along with the rigorous training I get in the course of this curriculum would take me to the fulfillment of my dream [tomorrow] later in life.

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