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Understanding team develop assignment

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Plagiarism and collusion constitute cheating. Disciplinary action will be taken against students who engage in plagiarism or collusion as outlined in college logic. Target Criteria Criteria Achieved? (C] or X) Assessment Comments The assessor and IV must both sign to certify that, to the best of their knowledge, the work submitted by the learner named above is original, has been completed independently and that any criterion awarded is to the standard and rigor expected for the course.

Scenario Channel 4 have struggled to get the right type of people to make up teams for the new series. However you have impressed them in the previous assignment completed and would like to use you to help them and their team recruit and induct the team as they prepare for their adventure on The Island with Bear Grills Task 1 You must work in team of 3 (which you will be told) to create a Powering or Perez presentation explaining how teams develop.

You must utilities examples of expeditions, or the world of sport or business to emphasis your understanding The presentation must explain what is meant by: Team Building Recruitment (to the team) Induction (to the team) Training Coaching Mentoring Team Knowledge (Awareness of team members strengths and weaknesses) Team Roles (Refer to Beeline)

Team Development (Refer to TCPMAN) Sensitivities Team Performance Performance Indicators Target Setting Moon tiring Review Performance against Targets Support and development of team members Team Cohesion Definition of Team Goals Group Conflict (Actual & Potential Conflict) Group Turnover (e. G. Opportunities for career progression etc. ) Team Leadership (Strong & Weak) Evidence you must produce for this task Presentation of no more than 10 slides and 10 minutes Criteria covered by this task.

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