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Understanding organisation theory and practice

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INTRODUCTION As organisations grown, societal standards and expectation rises too. In this regard, no organization can ever exist ‘ in a vacuum’, butare rooted in society. The organization has to consider various open systems involving social, legal and technical structures, along with other organisations. Thus, the organizations have become very dynamic and competitive at the same time. The environment that these firms operate having factors that comprises of the immediate environment of the firm and affect the performance of the firm. These include the competitors, suppliers, marketing, customers and the general public. In this regard, successful managers are those that can effortlessly maximize their profitability and broaden the customer bases which are all dependent on daily operations.
The report details Holden, organisation’s performance in comparison to a Ford. The report specifically focuses on how the organisation may improve in the future in light of the recommendations of the operations. The recommendations are solely base on the current or present practices of Holden and Ford using two organisational theories. The two theories employed by the report are Critical management studies (CMS) and Structural Contingency Theory (SCT) both which provides the best insight into the manner in which the two organisations should operate.
Critical management studies (CMS) is a largely theoretically and left-wing informed technique to organisation and management studies. The theory becomes relevant in addressing the concerns of the companies and comparing their operations of Holden and Ford. The theory specifically challenges the prevailing traditional understanding of organizational operation and management. CMS offers a platform for discussing radical alternatives whereas interrogating the set relations of control, power, ideology and domination, as well as the relations between organisations. More specifically, this theory aims to lower environmental destructiveness and social injustice within the firms. As a canopy research orientation, CMS holds various theoretical conventions, signifying a pluralistic multidisciplinary movement. The theories thus offer a critical basis for recommendation for the firm.
On the other hand, Structural contingency theory (SCT) points to a fact that the firm’s structure should be adaptable to every business and that every manager should ensure they are operating their business within the efficient structure that can support their business. These are the factors that are singled out to imply contingency factors. In other words influence organizational structural contingency plans and decisions. SCT is many times focused on all businesses such as Holden and Ford that deal with predictable contingencies number that, in the long run, shape their business design making it more adaptable. Under Structural contingency theory (SCT), there lacks the single structure that can be considered applicable to all firms. Thus, the report points out that it large depends on Holden and Ford’s adaptability, plan and decision and ability to structure their firms in accordance with both external and internal contingencies. Despite the challenges, the report offers a good insight into the future organizational operation path.

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