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Two sisters and siwash rock

These two First Nations legends are similar in various ways. The Two Sisters and Siwash Rock are both superstitions that have transcended time. These stories have been narrated by the Natives which they in turn have received from their ancestors. They are legends that have been passed down from each generation to their descendants. The authenticity of these stories is unknown as they date back thousands of years ago. All we have to show are the stone monuments that can be seen today.

In the Two Sisters, the “ Lions of Vancouver” have stood in the high mountain tops for thousands of years and will stand for thousands of years to come. These stolid and unwavering twin rocks have looked over the grounds of the Indians. In the Siwash Rock, The legend begins thousands of years ago and the Siwash Rock will endure from everlasting to everlasting. The two legends are similar in the respect that they both indicate that the mementoes of their glorious past will last for an indefinite amount of time.

In both legends, the protagonists have been turned to rocks. They both had their lives entwined with that of the Sagale Tylee. Although some may not be as enthusiastic about having their lives abruptly turned into a timeless state, the Indians were filled with self-esteem at this glory. The two sisters were granted immortal life by the Sagale Tylee, the revered God of the Indians. He bestowed upon the sisters a great honour for their deeds. Likewise, the handsome boy chief was given the same honour, granted by the Sagale Tylee yet again.

The Sagale Tylee was described as being the almighty god in both of the stories. Both stories reflect on the strong beliefs of the Indian tribe and promote traits that are humane. Although there are many portions of the tales that overlap with each other, these two stories are also different and have their unique details that distinguish them from one another. The two legends have different names that people call them. The two sisters are more widely known as the “ Lions of Vancouver” whereas the Siwash Rock remains the same and is known by the identical name.

The main character in the two sisters are the “ eyes of April and the hearts of June” while the main character in the Siwash Rock is the handsome boy chief, his shy little northern girl and the baby. In both stories, the protagonists have had their lives tampered by the Sagale Tylee. This could be said to be a positive, respectable experience that all Indians hope to achieve. In the case of the two sisters, they directly communed with him while the young chief conversed with him through his agents, The Four Men.

These protagonists were given eternity, but the two sisters began their transformation once they were picked up by Sagale Tyee and were placed on top of the mountains to honor what they had done for their tribe. In the case of the young chief, he became a part of nature by turning into a rock once he had stepped out of the water he was purifying himself in. In each of the stories, different problems present themselves. There is a war going on with the Upper Coast Indians that is putting a stain on the otherwise wonderful day in the case of the “ Two Sisters”.

It was the only shadow of the joy the Tyee people felt. In the “ Siwash Rock”, the boy chief is expecting a baby from his wife and is swimming to cleanse himself as ancient customs declared it necessary, like an unspoken law. There he meets the Four Men who tell the chief to make way for their huge canoe. The solution, likewise also differs. In the “ Two Sisters”, the sisters intend to invite the Upper Coast Indians to their womanhood celebration. Although surprised by this request, the leader of the Tyee complied with their request. They built fires of welcome for their ancient enemies to show they meant no harm.

The chief in the “ Siwash Rock” was determined to stay in the waters to ensure the wholesomeness of his child. The child must have a chance in life to remain clean which was not to be tampered by his own uncleanness. With the meeting of the Four Men who were the men of the Great Tyee, he defied them and put his life on the line for his child. At this incredulous event which the Four Men had never experienced before, they came to an agreement that this man who was brave enough to defy what interferes with his child’s chance at a clean life should be rewarded.

Likewise, in the Two Sisters, thanks to the sisters proposal of a feast among the warring nations, they stopped the needless bloodshed and peace was established. These two stories promote different virtues among the First Nations. The ” Two Sisters” tells us of the importance of peace and brotherhood. They bring about prosperity and makes lives happy and comfortable while also enabling the First Nation people to share a bond with each other. The Siwash Rock signifies the necessity of clean fatherhood. It helps our structure our conscience and teaches responsibility to people.

Both legends, the ” Two Sisters” and ” Siwash Rock” convey to us about humanity. In the Two Sisters, the Indians were war-driven savages, who strived for war and its glories. Among them were the ever-so unique sisters who were determined to put a stop to the needless blood being spilt. I believe the author is trying to tell us to be the one who can think outside the box. For a warring nation who has seen no peace with its neighbors, the west coast Indians, it is a controversial idea that could upset many people because of old grudges.

However, looking ahead in time, it will be beneficial to avoid further conflict as it will just be a continuous cycle of hatred. War is always accompanied by losses and misfortune. To be able to break off from these sequences will help prevent the harm that is inflicted on both sides of the war. The author, knowing this, chose to pursue this virtue and to encourage it, in hopes of reforming other Indians. In the story, the chief was true to his daughters and welcomed their old enemies with a bonfire.

With the selflessness of the two sisters, peace and brotherhood enveloped their tribes. In the case of the Siwash Rock, it centers around an all-too-perfect young chief who also defies the God he has looked up to for the sake of his yet unborn son. Swimming in the beauty spot which is now known as Stanley Park and which bends about Prospect Point, he is willing to sacrifice his life for his baby’s sake, to ensure the purity of one who has yet to be born.

I believe the author is trying to tell us to stand up for what we believe in, even if it goes against centuries of traditions that we have accumulated. It is a fearsome trial to overcome what we have centered our world around from. To have the bravery to maintain a clean fatherhood no matter what happens is what all males should strive for. These stories tell us of the virtues that we must maintain, and the stone statues left behind will remind us of the importance of these stories and how they are needed to become proper human beings.

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