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Twelfth night theatre play review

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of the of the Twelfth Night Theatre Play Review to the I did not watch the same production as you did so I cannot mention any details of the producing organization.
The name of the play is Twelfth Night based on a comedy of the same title written by William Shakespeare. It tells about a woman named Viola who hides herself in the person of “ Cesario” – the twin brother of Viola. Duke Orsino uses Viola to confess his love to Olivia. Olivia falls in love with Cesario; Viola, who is disguised as “ Cesario” fell in love with the duke. Later on, Sebastian appeared in the scene, adding to the confusion of mistaken identity. Olivia thought Sebastian was Cesario. Later on, “ Cesario” revealed that he is Viola and Sebastian is her twin brother. Viola and Duke Orsino then got married.
The play was particularly interesting not only because of its plot but because of how each actor played their part. Viola, for instance, was especially impressive for playing two characters of opposite sex. There was no instance of awkwardness in the way the actress played; only there was a clear delineation of whom Viola was and who appeared to be “ Cesario.” The play has reduced me to immerse in the feeling of love, jealousy, and happiness: love because the play encompassed themes of love that was manifested by the affection of Duke Orsino to Olivia and Olivia’s to “ Cesario”; the feeling of jealousy caused by Duke Orsino’s confession of love for Olivia despite the fact that “ Cesario” or Viola was secretly in love with him; happiness because everything turned out so well for Viola and Duke Orsino at the end of the day when both got married. This is something special thematically because obviously it must have been particularly difficult for “ Cesario” to serve as bridge between Orsino and Olivia when she was actually in love with the duke.
Quite clearly, the play has a definite acting style, that is, a method technique. The actors were attempting to create in themselves the thoughts and feeling of the characters they portrayed in order to create a realistic performance. This approach allowed the entire production to create an impression as if everything was happening in real life. It was as though I was placed in a framework wherein I simply had to watch a real-scene happening within the premise of my own existence.
I do not quite remember her name, but I was particularly intrigued by actor who played Cesario. There was a lot of realism in her acting and the way she attacks every line that she speaks was packed with emotion and real-life touch. On the other hand, I would say that the actor who played Duke Orsino was boring: he only stayed at the helm of the limits of his own character.
Overall, the play was very good. What I liked about it most was its sense of reality. You will be brought into a stage of nearly realistic events of love, jealousy and happiness. For this reason, I highly recommend this film to everybody.

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