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Tuttle matt

The analysis regarding this case has led us Into Identifying the critical Issues of Tuttle Matt as, ; How to sustain the consistent business How to expand their brand reputation How to build comparative advantages Exhibit 1 : SOOT Analysts Internal External Strengths (ability to… ) good location (near King Street and Spading Avenue) Open-concept kitchen High quality of ingredients and own secret recipes Weaknesses (inability to… Inadequate financial investment Not much entrepreneurial experience Opportunities No restaurants were regionally focused In Tuscan style 0% returning rate of customers for dinner Exploit: Sustain and provide high quality offoodDevelop: Create a new customer base with aid from others working in the industry. ; Create more awareness towards the new menu they have designed.

Threats Strong competitors: Alice Bazooka and Terrine CARS debarkation’s: Attract new customers Keep the kitchen clean Address/Avoid: currently have the cash flow. Exhibit 2: Porter’s Five Forces Bargaining Power of Buyers: Mid level of power Customers are not very brand loyal, which means they will be resistant to try out new and unfamiliar gaming options ; Bargaining Power of Suppliers: Low level of power doesn’t rely on suppliers in producing their product.

Industry Rivalry: High level of power Over 200 competitors within industry Potential Competitors: Low barrier to entry for catering industry (relatively easy to start-up and no government restrictions ) ; Relatively low brandloyaltyfor 50% of the new competitors fails in the first two years Substitutes: ; Many substitutes for will increase competition within industry ; On the other hand, the industry is currently lacking of Tuscan style restaurants, which makes unique.

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