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High School students should study tupac because they should know his struggles he was going threw as a youngin and his duality. Do you really think tupac was only a thug? As a lil kid tupac didn’t go to school he didn’t have a father, his mom miss half of his life because she was into drugs, For example tupac states. This reminds of today kids stop going to school because of the streets, they would do it because of problems at home or missing parents. Tupac was smart he loved writing poetry he liked reading, For example ” Tupac’s hunger for reading continued throughout his career, a habit that allowed him to fill his raps with observations about the world around him”.

Tupac was a young activist , the first organizational affiliations was wit the ‘ yo-no’, he also joined the anti-gun violence campaign of the North east community organization, known as NECO led by Truxon sykes, Tupac got more closer to the controversial activist through his lil sister Setchua. Tupac is worth studying we all can connect what he says, The thug angel had hunger to learn his express through his lyrics and the way he spoke. Some people don’t like tupac because they say he only talk about violence, drugs, and gang banging, but lets keep it real now and days who doesn’t know about the hustling life or thug life this people do this so they can eat and there family can to. Tupac is really important to know about if you ever want to study someone i’ll say to go with tupac it was one the best unit i ever did.

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