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Tropical cyclone essay

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Is one of the most common natural hazards In Australia. lt‚ was also called ‚-typhoon’s, ‚-hurrlcaneae, a‚-tropic storm’s and so on. If you look at the climatological data for tropical cyclone, you can find out that the actual shape of a tropical cyclone is almost the same as a whirlpool.

How could this amazing phenomenon happen? There ere several conditions needed to develop a tropical cyclone. Tropical cyclones are formed above the ocean surface, the temperature of the surface should be warm(above 26 ). The air should be very humid, usually 5 to 30 . An unstable atmosphere condition (low-pressure system) Is very important.

This circumstance could develop the eye of the cyclone (vortex, the centre of the cyclone). As we know, the air in the high pressure area moves to the low pressure area. The eye of the cyclone is a low l% Chigh pressure area, this make the air around all moves to the vortex and become a cyclone. If this special condition remains. a tropical cyclone (hazard) will become a severe tropical cyclone (disaster, a mature tropical cyclone), which Is really dangerous and destructive. There are five categories In cyclones and two general classifications (tropical cyclone and severe tropical cyclone they are classified by the speed of the wind In the cyclone.

When the speed of the wind is under 125km/h, which is known as a tropical cyclone, a hazard, is the first category. When the wind speed gets higher, the cyclone will be destructive. nd may become a disaster (tropical cyclone (125-169km/ h), severe tropical cyclone (170-224km/h) severe tropical cyclone (225 ” 279km/h), severe tropic cyclone (over 280km/h). A cyclone (hazard) may not be destructive, however a mature tropical cyclone (a severe tropical cyclone) would be extremely dangerous. A fatal flood may form by a tropical cyclone. Since 1839, tropical cyclones have taken away over 2100 lives in Australia, The annual cost of the destruction for tropical cyclones is also one of the highest.

Tracy, which is a name of a cyclone, Is regarded as the worst storm in the Australian history. In 1974, cyclone Tracy visited Darwin, not only did she destroy most of the city, and also caused 65 deaths (49 in Darwin, 16 at sea). This disaster is so bad that it nearly took two years to make the city back to normal. There‚ ws also a horrible cyclone In 2006, which Is called Larry. Although thereaes no death, after the disaster, it nearly cost half of a million dollars.

We can’t stop a hazard or a disaster, however, what we could do is reduce the destructions. deaths, injuries‚: The bureau of meteorology can find when the cyclones produce and where it is going to. There’s also a cyclone warning system, which works as a weather forecast. As long as there is a possibility, it ill start to predict the wind speed of the cyclone and warn the area that may be affected. Before the cyclone season, we should always prepare for the potential Issue. Some stations keep local stuff on duty for 24 hrs.

a day to broadcast cyclone information. A radio is always needed to get the information about the cyclones. A portable battery one is always good in case of the disruption of power supply. You should also prepare dried or canned food (biscuit, chocolate and so on) and some water.

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