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Trip to alamada assignment

Transport is means increasing human satisfaction by movement of goods and passengers so in accessible goods may be moved to one point to another point where consumer required them. Besides, transport also offers utilities of place and it is means bridging the producer and consumer gap.

In early days, people stay along the rivers as river provide them with convenient of travelling and moving using canoes from one location to another location to visit family or friends members. River also sources of food supply such fish. As community become larger, people become more specialized. People depend on other people products and other things. Specialization improved workmanship in better clothes, food and improved quality of life. Transport also is a bridge to a producer and consumer gap such as time gap and geographical gap.

Time gap is like when goods produce today may not be required until tomorrow or next month. This gap is bridge by the warehousing processing with its technique for preserving goods against deterioration. Where else, geographical gap arise because producer and consumer are rarely in same place. Instead of, it’s function of transport to bridge the geographical gap between producer and consumer, so goods and services maybe exchange to their mutual benefits. Without transport people cannot moved easily and it is important to improved standard of living by providing place utility for goods available to consumer.

Example such mobility of people in country will be restricted without transport. With transport also people can travel to many areas and have job opportunities and get employed, their value will higher as secure job and earned income. QUESTION 1 Identify the problems faced by consumer of public transport Mara Liner Bus Mara Liner Bus is one of public transportation that offers long distance way from UiTM Melaka to Kuala Lumpur besides Jebat and Metro Bus. This bus provides good condition and facilities to passengers because Mara Liner Bus is a new company than Jebat and Metro Bus.

Example facilities and conditions that has been provided by Mara Liner are seats with a leg and back that can adjust, good air-condition, television and lamp at every sits for passengers to read newspaper or read books. Every public transport that provided to consumer will have its disadvantages. The problems that faced by consumer when using this public transportation is this bus not provided toilet to consumer. Consumer need to ask the driver to stop to R for going to toilet. Besides, when natural factor happen such heavy rain, this bus will drive with low speed. So, consumer will late to their destination. Putra LRT

Putra LRT is one of rail transportation that has been provided in Malaysia. It is efficiency and effective way to move to one station to another station. It is also cheap and can afford to everyone. Putra LRT is also made to deflect from traffic jam. At Putra LRT station also provided a toilet and if you want to ask for any destination, you can go to the ticket counter and ask to them and they will give the instruction and help you to reach your destination. After we stop at Pasar Seni by Mara Liner Bus, we took Putra LRT. Here, the problem that faced by consumer is they need to cross the street to took this train.

Besides, if you want to use this train, you must go to the counter to buy the ticket. Then, you must scan the ticket before you enter to the train. Here, a number of people using this train are too many and the peak hour is when early in the morning, afternoon and evening where people just finished their school or work. Instead, the possibility to lose your wallet or purse is high because in train there will be a theft to steal your things. So, you must alert and careful to take care of your stuff. ERL ERL is one of rail transportation too. ERL is made especially for the passengers who want to airport at KLIA with the short time.

This train is very exclusive and has a very good condition and facilities such as toilet, big space for passenger to put their luggage, and the passenger to use this train is not as much as Putra LRT. After we took Putra LRT, we have stop at KL Central. At KL Central, we need to take ERL to go to our next destination which is Putrajaya. The problem that faced by consumer to use this train is ERL only provided the way to Bandar Tasik Selatan, Putrajaya / Cyberjaya and KLIA. Besides, the price of ticket selling is expensive even thought only a short time to reach the destination.

Instead, only a few sits that have been provided to the passenger where else they must stand until they reach their destination. NADIPUTRA BUS Nadiputra Bus is one of the road transportation that has been provided by government. The price to use this bus is cheap and it is affordable to passenger to use this transport. It is also one of objective government want to reduce traffic jam at Putrajaya that introduce Park & Ride. Park & Ride means you travel by your own private transportation, park then you ride by public transportation which is use this Nadiputra Bus.

At Nadiputra Station Bus has provided a lot of advantage to consumer. Example such they provide toilet, 1000 to 1500 parking boxes for car, security guard along the operation and they also has a counter to asking any question. The problem that faced by consumer to use this transportation is consumer need park far away their private transportation to go to their work. Besides, they need to arrange their time to using this transport because this bus is move every half an hour. Instead, this bus operation stops at 9. 00 p. m. CRUISE TASIK PUTRAJAYA

Cruise Tasik Putrajaya is one of sea transportation that we travel by. This cruise is one of luxury cruise boat for passenger to experience the beautiful lake and attractive landmark and view at Putrajaya. This cruise provided seafood set lunch menu with coffee or tea and free flow of soft drink and juices only at 1. 00 p. m. to 2. 00 p. m. for every Friday and Saturday, you can have western menu with coffee or tea and free soft drinks and juices. This cruise also provided boat charter for private event. You can do private party in this cruise or have a wedding cruise.

Besides, you can do lunch or dinner events. The problem that faced by consumer toward this transportation is this boat can only bring you to view Putrajaya only. They cannot bring outside Putrajaya. Instead, this cruise has a fixed number for passenger to ride this cruise. UITM BUS UITM Bus is one of road transportation that provided by Universiti Teknologi Mara. This bus is provided especially for students who want to move to one place to another place. It has good conditions and facilities such as seats with body and leg that can adjust, a good air-condition and television is provided too.

Even thought this bus has a good conditions and facilities, UITM bus has many problems faced by the consumer. One of the problems such as if you want to use this bus you need to book early because this bus is limited. Instead, the driver of this bus is not punctual. The speed that the driver drives also is very slow. The consumer faced lateness due to unpunctual and the slow speed from the driver. QUESTION 2 Identify the standard of transport in Malaysia by measuring the level of… i. Reliability Reliability in this concept is means published timetable, schedule or transit arrangement.

Government or any private transportation company should publish their timetable, schedule or transit arrangement to easier the consumer to arrange their time. Besides, it can avoid from miscommunication to consumer. ii. Time Scheduling Time schedule provide two basic characteristics which are schedule services and another one is contract basis. A schedule service is planned and advertised in advance and will operate regardless of the demand at the time. In sea transport, pre-schedule shipping services are known as liner services.

Whilst schedule service must adhere to their published timetable, vehicles or vessels or aircraft working under contract or private hire are use accordance to the hirer. However, as freight of a general nature can sometimes be delayed in a manner that would be unacceptable to passengers, pre-advertised freight facilities are not necessarily operated in the same rigid manner as passenger services. With goods being moved by prior arrangement, service can be suitable adjusted to confirm more exactly with day-to-day requirements, which make easier to maximize payloads and minimize waste.

For contract basis, this type of operation is the basis of package holidays. By intricate system of block booking of both transport and hotel facilities, tour company are able to maximize the use of their resources and hence the wasted seats. These are the examples of time scheduling such as Nadiputra Bus that provided their bus at 6. 30 a. m. until 12. 00 p. m. Nadiputra Bus operated their bus for every half an hour. So, the consumer can arrange their time to use this public transportation. For Putra LRT, it provided their services every 10 to 15 minutes. So, consumer do not to worry about the train because the train always available.

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