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Trifles by susan glaspell

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Full Trifles Trifles was written at the start of the twentieth century when gender discrimination was so strong. The drama is about a murder case where Mrs. Wright is the culprit to the death of her husband who died of strangulation. The case is then investigated and this is where parts of the murder were made known, showing the lives of Mr. and Mrs. Wright in the eyes of the investigators as well as the two women who played most of the parts in the drama, Mrs. Peters who is the sheriff’s wife, always understanding the job of the investigators but took the side of Mrs. Wright in the unfolding of the story and Mrs. Hale who is the neighbor of the Wrights and wife of Mr. Hale who was the first to learn about the crime. As the title connotes, the theme of the story is about trifles or insignificant matters which to the men in the story were the worries of the women. The county attorney presented the politician’s gallantry, wanting to please everybody just like when he wondered what men could do without the ladies in response to the worries of women over trifles. The sheriff on the other hand strives to please the lawyer by explaining the details of his actions right from the start of the drama. In the course of the investigation, the two women came across things that were considered insignificant to the investigator but to the realization of the women, were the very important information the investigators were looking for to show the motive or cause of the murder. When the two women were left to themselves to find things for Mrs. Wright who requested some specific things she wanted fetched for her self, they found her sewing basket that revealed in part the evidences the count attorney and sheriff wanted to find out. However, of course this was not considered by the men who laughed at the wonderment of the women at Mrs. Wright’s quilting or knotting her chore. When Mrs. Wright was still young, known as Minnie Foster, she was a member of the choir so that in the realizations that occurred to the women upon finding the birdcage and the dead canary, they were able to piece the story together. They discovered that the birdcage’s door was broken as if someone had been rough with it and most probably suspected to be the doing of Mr. Wright whom they consider to be a hard man despite his being spoken of as a good man by other people who was able to keep his word, pay his debts and does not drink. They imagined Minnie Foster’s life with a hard man who was like a bird herself, like the words of Mrs. Hale about Mrs. Wright, ‘ real sweet and pretty but kind of timid and fluttery’. This author feels for Mrs. Wright for truly, a person can either make or break another person through how he deals with that individual. As the two women have discussed, Mrs. Wright had treasures that were not admired at all by her husband rather were killed like her singing and her bird. In the long run, when anger takes its toll and can not be contained any longer, it leads a person to do the unimaginable things one may never have considered earlier.

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