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Treatment intervention

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A family on the brink of collapse needs urgent assistance to restore it to its usual status. The fact that a father can have an extra-marital affair is an indication of extreme dissatisfaction as a family man. The mother’s sudden behavior of an alcohol consumption and unbearable emotional bursts are the signs of a serious depressive condition because of family issues. The tough relationship between the mother and her husband has had a devastating impact on their child. This has resulted in the child’s decrease in his or her academic performance. Therefore, there is an urgent need for treatment intervention not only to the child, but also to the parents.

To manage treatment intervention, a few essential questions might be answered in an attempt to help the family. What happened to the father? Could the mother have done anything to solve the problem with her cheating husband instead of resorting to drinking abuse? Could counseling services, psychiatric or psychological therapies help the family? These questions are necessary in identifying the cause of the problem affecting the family. One needs to find the essence of the matter before taking any remedial actions.

Finding the answers to such questions will help an individual understand the most suitable option for treatment intervention to apply to the family. The family questionnaire offers the platform for the identification of the depth of a real challenge the family experiences. It helps to establish the extent of the family’s dysfunction as well as determine an appropriate measure to handle the condition. Furthermore, it serves as a checklist when dealing with smaller units of the whole problem that the family members have to cope with.

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