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The topic I selected is about Native and Anglo Americans cultural diversity. It is interesting for its longevity and controversies. Moreover, it became rather common after the 1990s Acts of the Indians’ right, religion and sacred places protection. Till accepting of these numerous acts most Americans still believed that Indians would accommodate to their culture traditions. Against all expectations, Original Americans stayed devoted to their ancestors’ traditions. Discovering more information about their lifestyles, believes, values, oppression and rights recognition is interesting for me. Comparing two controversial cultures to find wisdom economic versus ethnic and recreational versus religious issues decisions sound challengeable, but remains necessary.

The problem researched in my work has a number of historical analogues and may be useful in further studying of original and migrant Americans’ cultures interplay. Throughout history, the economic and recreational significance was often put over the ethnic values; however, compromises were found sometimes. That is the reason, why Indians versus modern Americans conflicts’ research is vital for further generations’ understanding and respectfulness. It should be considered in details while studying of cultural diversity, because Native and Anglo Americans’ cultures diversity is the most lengthy and controversial on the America continents. Within centuries, accommodation of both cultures gave no other results than minorities’ isolation and discrimination. The wisdom decisions of the equal rights coexisting are crucial and are need to be found.

Through my research paper, I am going to study economical and political power impacts on the ancient burial place respect or neglect. I will consider the economic and protection importance of the hydroelectric dam ordinary work. Then I will research more information about Native American tribes’ history and achievement in their rights protection, without omitting their special worldview and life philosophy. By means of studying pros and cons of the both sides, I aim at finding the logical and tolerant decision of the conflict situation.

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