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Toothpaste critique

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What’s in This Toothpaste? By David Botanist. The audience/reader Is informed about how toothpaste In made, the Ingredients which are used to make Just a bottle of tube and other alternatives that can be used if you opinion about toothpaste changes. The author talks about if toothpaste is something you should consider or keep using. There are a few examples of diction which are present in the essay, the first one would be, ” It’s there because people like to have a big gob of toothpaste to spread on the brush.

This creates a mental picture/image in the readers mind because, this effect relates to Imagery while the reader Is reading that passage they can relate to It because they have seen It in first person. Another example of imagery is present as the author states, ” The tube of toothpaste is squeezed, it’s pinched metal seams are splayed. ” This creates the same visual effect in the readers mind, when they are doing that and it is impossible to make the toothpaste to come out, so this relates to the readers past experience.

Another example where David Botanist shows imagery is, ” This is the flavoring, and it has to be strong. Double rectified peppermint OLL Is used. ” This creates an Imagery of smell which the reader often smells after brushing his/her teeth. In the essay syntax Is present, the first example is where and how the author places his paragraphs, the author in depth states his first topic and first ingredient and then backs up his argument, he then explains what the ingredient is used for and also gives a description.

This show that the paragraphs are well placed and explained, this creates an effect of keeping the essay neat and well organized. Another example where the author shows sentence structure Is how the author keeps the paragraphs hurt, which tends to trick the reader that he Is reading less but really he Is reading the same but faster. This creates an effect of speeding up the tempo of the essay. Usually if the paragraphs are too long the reader tends to get bored or distracted.

Another example is the author makes a statement, ” Water mostly, 30 to 45 percent in most brands: ordinary, everyday simple tap water. ” In the essay this is an incomplete sentence where the author makes a statement and carries on, this creates an effect of a pause so the reader can think about that basically people pay three dollars or more for water. A powerful rhetorical device which is used is juxtaposition, where the author compares two things, toothpaste and water, ” studies show that brushing with just plain water will often do as a good Job. This give an alternative for the reader if their opinion on toothpaste changes. A second rhetorical device is hypoxia, where the author raises a question but ends up answering it himself to add effect, ” Is that it? Chalk, water, paint, seaweed, antifreeze, paraffin 011, detergent, and peppermint? Prove his point, also it allows the author to write more, the effect of this is that this is play on word.

The third rhetorical device which is present is colloquialism, word like ” bobbing,” ” gob,” ” goodies,” and other slang words that the author uses to get his point across for everyone, interpreting the author you can tell that the author uses informal words to connect with the younger audience. The tone that the author sets is for a younger audience, the author uses in formal word, to target teenagers, another target is the people who don’t know much about toothpaste. The title of the essay grabs the attention of the reader and forces them to read. Toothpaste is meeting people use daily but they have no clue what it is made up of.

The mood which is created is the audience feeling disgusted because toothpaste manufactures use; pesticide, detergent and chalk: the kind that teachers use to write on the black board, and that is the same toothpaste we put in our mouth. Another mood is the audience is informed about how bad toothpaste could be if swallowed. Overall the writing choices made by the author were remarkable, really loved the message the author way trying to get across. In the end David Botanist serves his purpose of writing the essay of educating people about toothpaste.

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