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The seemingly simple task of selecting a topic for our future paper can sometimes turn into a real challenge. No one knows when they’re going to hit a writer’s block or get the subject so obscure that literally no idea of what to write about will come to mind. 

This is where tools like EduPony’s Topic Generator come in play. 

There’s practically no need to explain how it works, as the tool is pretty self-explanatory. You just put in the keywords, select the subject (if a particular one is need), and click the search button. In a fraction of a second, you’ll have plenty of topic options to choose from. 

How Can You Benefit From a Topic Generator? 

Even though it is such a simple tool, it can greatly improve your studying process, making it way more efficient. 

Improved creativity. There are situations, when a selection of topics can be a long-needed kick to start the creativity flow. So, our Topic Generator can become an integral part of your brainstorming session. 

Saved time. Our tool can save you plenty of time you could otherwise waste coming up with topic ideas. Instead, you can spend that time on actual research or writing drafts for your paper. 

Lower stress. With all the issues connected to picking a topic out of the way, it’s only natural to feel less stressed. So, this is kind of a bonus benefit that is guaranteed if you use our tool. 

Why You Should Try Our Generator? 

  • It’s completely free to use. You can generate as many topics as you want. 
  • It’s available everywhere. As long as you have internet connection and a device with a browser—you can use our Topic Generator. 
  • It’s relevant. This tool offers suggestions based on your parameters, so you get the most diverse and fitting results. 
  • It’s fast. You get a wide variety of topic options in a mater of milliseconds. Way faster than having to come up with topics on your own. 

Frequent Questions

There are some recommendations on how to come up with an essay topic. Begin by studying the assignment. Make an effort to comprehend the task and define your field. Then look for anything that interests you. Get rid of the dull topics right away. It's also a good idea to pick something that's neither too big nor too small. If you have any thoughts about how to improve the topic, don't hesitate to implement them.

In the essay you're composing, a decent topic can be tackled reasonably. You won't be able to think about your issue in an engaging way if it's too wide. You may not have enough to talk about in your paper if it is too narrow. You can also find it challenging to locate resources. In the end, a good essay topic doesn't cause any of those issues.

A relevant topic could be linked to specific study literature. It can also be tied to current political, economic, or social events around the world. Relevant essay topics should be substantial enough to be discussed, but not overly philosophical or wide.