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To be human is to discuss

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There were only 100 years without war in the whole history of human civilization! Iraq and Kuwait had had a long standing, but low level, border dispute over a pair of Persian Gulf islands. No preventative diplomacy was employed during this period of escalation, and Kuwait was invaded in August of 1990. more than 200 people lost their lives. InVietnam warthe total amount of casualties is more than 1, 800 million people. In Rwanda after April 6, 1994, 800, 000 men, women, and children perished in the Rwandan genocide, perhaps as many as three quarters of the Tutsi population.

Although the Rwandans are fully responsible for the organization and execution of the genocide, governments and peoples elsewhere all share in the shame of the crime because they failed to prevent and stop this killing campaign. Not only did international leaders reject what was going on, but they also declined for weeks to use their political and moral authority to challenge the legitimacy of the genocidal government. When international leaders finally voiced disapproval, the genocidal authorities listened well enough to change their tactics although not their ultimate goal.

Far from cause for satisfaction, this small success only highlights the tragedy: if weak protests produced this result in late April, imagine what might have been the result if in mid-April the entire world had spoken out. Syria now is bogged down in endless killing. Early in the uprising, Western support might have ousted Mr Assad and preserved Syria’s sectarian harmony. , but the West held back. Now, after more than 110, 000 people have died during 30 months ofviolence, it is too late. Like many civil-war leaders Mr Assad prefers to prolong the fighting rather than risk compromise.

The rebels, too, battle on in the knowledge that surrender is likely to mean death. Guys, we live in the 21 century and the humans became so developed that we can tellGOOGlewhat to GOOgle with our voice but we still fight even more horribly than centuries ago. why do wars still occur then? Wars occur when negotiations fail or don’t even take place. The talks fail when one or more of the parties refuse to participate in negotiations. There are 4 most common reasons for such refusals- 1) that the refusing party thinks that it can get a better outcome by some other means-usually through force.

2)they fear they will be forced to accept unwanted compromises. If parties think they will have to compromise their values, or give up their chance to obtain their fundamental needs, they will refuse to participate in any negotiation. 3)that parties may refuse to negotiate because they make think that the negotiations are a waste of time and are destined to fail. 4)A final reason why parties may refuse to negotiate is that they are so angry with the other group that they are not even willing to sit down at a table , because they do not want to grant them the legitimacy that such an act would imply.

These reasons are not sensible enough to risk thousands of human lives. The main reason why the man got ahead of the mammals is thanks to the intensive development and differentiation of the cerebral cortex. But even the mammals don’t kill each other whereas it’s not uncommon for us to do this. We really differ from mammals and need to understand that the power of the word is immense and the only way for us to remain human beings is to discuss. All these bloodstained wars are not the inability to discuss, but just the unwillingness.

While war has created more separation between Arab world and the West, negotiations could have improved the relationships and found long-term solution. the only way to stop the continuous fight in Syria is through negotiations. The Economist suggests that The effort is worth it—about 40% of civil wars end through negotiation. And to pave the way for negotiated solutions, parties should have clear understanding of their interests, acknowledge their interdependence by considering both short-term and long-term interests, and recognize that their interests are not incompatible.

The parties should also reject the attempt to frame negotiations as talk with a madman. Negotiations are about finding common ground with the opponent, but not judging personal qualities of the negotiator. And the thing that the parties should understand best of all- is that they are humans and that as leaders they have to protect their people from war. Nothing in this world is more valuable than a human life. Let’s save it by discussion! It began tosnow.. lightly at first, but then in large flakes. The wind started to howl, it was a snowstorm.

In an instant the dark sky merged into an ocean of snow. Everything disappeared. The epigraph for Bulgacov’s “ White Guardian” seems like a snowy night on December the 9th in Kiev. the protesters have blockaded streets and occupied municipal buildings, riot police have beaten demonstrators and journalists, agent provocateurs have tried to discredit the crowd and thus to excuse the repression. The violence can get much worse but the both parties answers to the idea of talks are “ we shall push a little bit more and everything will be OK”. Won’t it be only worse?

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