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Things fall apart chapters 1-8 test

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Why was Okonkwo known throughout the nine villages? He beat a wrestler named Amalinze the cat at 18How is Onoka described in chapter 1? lazy, poor, borrowed money, tall thinWhat made Okonkwo ” one of the greatest men of his time”? wealthy farmer, two barns of yams, three wives, two titles, fought in two warsWhat did Okonkwo hear in the town crier’s voice? gather at the market tomorrow morningWhat does Ezeugo explain happened in the village of Mbaino? Umuofia went to the market and was murderWhat did Umuofia’s ultimatum to Mbaino require? Between young man and a virginWhat are Okonkwo’s deepest fears? failure and weaknessWhat one passion was Okonkwo ruled by? to hate everything that his father lovedHow was Okonkwo’s prosperity visible in his household? large compound red clay walls with his hut in front of the first and only entranceWhy does the priestess of Agbala say Unoka is not a successful farmer? weak and lazy harvest fallWhat was the story of Unoka’s death? dies from a swelling sicknessWhy does Okonkwo laugh uneasily at Nwakibie’s joke? reminds him of his own fatherWhat did Okonkwo ask Nwakibie? yam seed (gets 400)Why did Okonkwo never show signs of affection? sign of weaknessHow did Okonkwo’s youngest wife provoke him to justifiable anger? she did not make dinner in timeWhy did Okonkwo have to go to the shrine of Ari? sacred weekWhy did some people say that Okonkwo had no respect for the gods? fortune went to his headHow are yams described? What did the yams represent? prescious, god and workWhy was Okonkwo not as enthusiastic as most about feasts? rather work on the farm uncomfortable waiting around and the hangover to comeWhy did Okonkwo beat his second wife? killed a banana tree took off a leaf (but the tree was not actually killed)What is Ekwefi’s background? Wanted to be with Okonkwo but he did not have enough at the time to be with her, she got married but ran away from her husband to himWhy is Okonkwo especially fond of Ezinma? Looks like her mother and a hard workerWhat lives in the silk cotton tree? spirts of good childrenWho is Chielo? a widow with two childrenWho wins the wrestling match? OkafoWhat does Okonkwo want for Nwoye? prosperous tough man capable of ruling his fathers household have enough in barn to feed the ancestors with sacrifices regularityWhy does Nwoye pretend to no longer care for women’s stories? knew that they were foolish and that his father wanted him to be a manWhat warning did Ezeudu give Okonkwo? not to participate in Ikemefumas death? Why were the people of Umofia excited about the locusts? very good to eatWhy did Okonkwo strike Ikemefuma down? afraid of being though as weakWhat does Okonkwo say to himself about Ikemefuna’s death and his own response? That he has became a woman over it and that he needs to stop sobbing over itWhat does Obierika say about Okonkwo’s participation in Ikemefumas death? Should have stayed home and that what he did does not please the earth goddessHow was Akuke’s bride-price settled? What was the process like? After the drinking, however, they negotiate her bride price by passing back and forth changing numbers of sticks, which represent bags of cowries (shells which serve as a form of monetary exchange).
The two families finally decide on twenty bags of cowries. What is the joke about the white men and Amadi? Why do the men find it funny? his name is Amadi. So the joke is that Amadi isn’t white, he just has leprosy and the euphemism for leprosy is ” the white skin.” ONTHINGS FALL APART CHAPTERS 1-8 TEST SPECIFICALLY FOR YOUFOR ONLY$13. 90/PAGEOrder Now

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