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There to talk about five habits that

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there is no denying that all good-looking handsome guys have a common themetheir pretty boys they look good and I had the cypress tomato steamed some ofthose habits I figured if you can’t beat them join them I don’t know you cancall me Einstein but I was thinking the other day you know hmm if you do whatthey do maybe you can also be equally as handsome maybe I’m on to somethingtoday I’m going to talk about five habits that handsome and attractive men doat least that’s the common thread that I found and hopefully if you do them tooyou can just be equally as handsome and attract what’s the first thing you wantto approach women with confidence think about it like this you’re walking downthe street and you see a beautiful woman coming your way what’s coming throughyour head actually don’t say it I can guarantee I can guess what you’re alreadythinking what if she doesn’t like me or what if I get embarrassed and that’sthe problem right there that negativity is what messes with you and makes youfreeze up and come across as shy and less handsome so my tip to you guys is tochange your mentality instead of going in there thinking of all the things thatcan go wrong go in thinking of all the things that can go right going in withthese positive thoughts will make you feel empowered thus affecting how youfocus and how you feel when you approach making you more handsome so next time youstart thinking but but what if she has a boyfriend scratch that change it upand think what if she doesn’t have a boyfriend maybe I can be her boyfriendnumber two is a little bit obvious but I feel like I have to say it with guysyou constantly have to be reminding us you’re grooming and your hygiene areextremely important you cannot be pigs if you want to come across as handsomeand attractive you could be rejecting women without even realizing it becauseyou have crusty lips or oily skin or bad breath so always invest in the basicsit’s not gay you’re feminine to actually take care of yourself carry around atube of chapstick so your lips are always on point so you don’t have crustylips always wear moisturizer so you’re not oily or ashy and of course if you’rerocking a beard like I am always keep it nice and trimmed cleaned up or rock a clean-shavenlook that’s going to make you look sexier regardless a good razor like this onefrom our sponsors Dollar Shave Club should be in every man’s bathroom cabinetbut Dollar Shave Club is just a smarter choice when it comes to razors youdon’t have to be going to the store and buying your razors all the time insteadyou could just have them deliver to your door and this is a direct-to-consumermodel you’re cutting down the prices so you don’t have to pay those crazymarkups from the big store brand and on top of that you’re getting all thequality I’m summing up to their executive razor so I get their executive razorall the time and that thing is sharp and helps me maintain my beard nice andtrim if you wanted a clean-shaven look that’s what you should be going for buteven better you know I’m going to get you a sweet deal for a limited time onlythere’s only for a limited time I’m gonna have the link below you’re going toget a whole month supply of this plus a bottle of their shea butter for only 5bucks for new members I’m going to have that special offer linked below like ifit’s only a limited time to get you started and have you looking handsome afterthat the razors are only a couple bucks a month so go ahead and check out the dollarshaveclub. comslash fashion to get that special limited time offer I’m gonna have it linkedbelow so you guys can check it out the third habit across all attractive andhandsome men is just that they smell good and it’s not necessarily heat pilingon a strong smell it’s more so a natural smell I mean think about it can youthink of an attractive a really handsome guy that just stunk like this hesmelled bad I can it’s a good habit to develop your own signature scent yourown natural man smell that smells good and you achieve that through properhygienic tips and obviously we’re always talking about grooming on this channelso if you follow our tips chances are you probably already smell like a sexystud but if you don’t here’s a couple things you want to consider you want toavoid swamp off it gets stink down there so always use a powder down date Ipersonally like to use a body wash with the light scent that way as soon as Istep out the shower I already have a clean light scent to get me started alwayswear deodorant this isn’t up for discussion and of course the final and easiestmost obvious way to enhance your smell is to use a fragrance find somethingthat works for you I always like to recommend something light that’s not soheavy not so strong the fourth habit that I see across attractive men isgroomed eyebrows look at most attractive guys I’m going to use celebrities herewhat is the common denominator you see yes they all have nice eyebrows but lookclosely they aren’t overly done to the point that it looks curly it looksnatural so how you achieve this is by maintaining your eyebrows nice and neatand kind of removing any bio way hairs that are outside th

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