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Theatre reviewIn decorating the stage, director Elizabeth Murphy used a simple setup consisting of two flower stands. The blue stand represented Orsino’s house while the red represented Lady Olivia’s house. With the 100th year of navy centennial, costume designer Sarah Haddon Roy used the Canadian navy uniform to honor the royal Canadian navy.

Scott Owens Feste opened up the play with the beautiful sound of his guitar and sang passionately throughout the play while Mary-Fay Coady, as “ Viola”, splendidly pulled-off the male character by walking like a man. Carly Chamberlain, who played the character “ Olivia”, being the lady of the house, dressed fashionably. “ Maria” was played by Mary Long and her role was basically to protect “ Olivia” from any harm. Simon Henderson plays a different character called “ Malvolio” and he being Lady Olivia’s Stewart, is a firm pushy character and this later in the play works against him and leads to his downfall. With a 15 minute intermission, the stage manager Laura Brinton turns on the stage lights and the second half of the play starts with Malvolio finishing the reading of the letter which “ Sir Toby”, a drunk smart character played by Kevin Kincaid, Kevin Macpherson’s “ Sir Andrew” played as a lovable but dumb character and Drew O’Hara as “ Fabian” wrote as a prank. While the characters used the front of the stage as most of their acting, the director took the traditional Greek theatre setup and used the middle isle thus making the audience feel and be part of the play. Twelfth night is being played at Martello tower starting September 5th and various times throughout the week. Any suggestions and/or donations of $15 please call 902-422-0295 or visit www. Shakespearbythesea. ca

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