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The wave by todd strasser

The Wave, by Todd Strasser is a very inspiring novel that all adolescents should read at some point in their lifetime. It is based on a true story that took place in 1969 in Palo Alto, California. This novel tells the story of Ben Ross and his senior history class. Ben Ross creates an experiment that goes way too far—it places kids in danger and ruins the reputation of Gordon High School. While teaching his students about World War 11, the Germans, Hitler, and the Nazis, Ben Ross sets up an experiment known as The Wave.

The Wave has one motto that all members must abide by, “ Strength Through Discipline, Strength Through Action, Strength Through Community.” It becomes a movement within Gordon High School in which all students follow the motto, extreme disciplinary rules, and turn against those who do not want to be a part of The Wave. Students want to be a part of The Wave because it is a group that includes everyone and they feel as though they can be a part of something real. As The Wave starts to take over Gordon High School, only two students, Laurie Saunders and David Collins, see it for what it really was, not just a classroom experiment. The Wave turns into a huge fad that causes violence and dictatorship at Gordon High School.

The problem is that no one will listen to Laurie and David when they try to put an end to it. Will the students of Gordon High School eventually realize the Wave for what it is, or will it be too late? This novel has affected me as a reader in many ways. In the past I did not enjoy reading stories that were based on true stories of fear that they would become boring. The Wave is anything but boring. This book helped me realize that you cannot judge a book by its genre and you really need to get at least three chapters into it to see if you really like it.

In addition, this book has taught me many lessons, not only as a reader but also as a person. The Wave taught me that it is good to be an individual and stand up for what you believe in, even if it is not the “ cool” thing or what everyone else is doing. I learned from The Wave that it is okay to voice your opinions even if the majority disagrees with you. I also learned that what is popular is not always right and you might have to look beyond the surface to figure out the real meaning of something. Therefore, The Wave is a great book for all adolescents to read; after all, it really teaches some of the most valuable life lessons for teens across the globe. Find out what happens not only to the senior class of Gordon High but also to the whole community in this page turning novel! As the pickiest of all readers I rate this book a 5 out of 5 stars.

It is an inspiring book that shows how power can corrupt those who possess it and cause people to not think on their own. This novel also teaches students that what is popular is not always right. I recommend this book for adolescents, age twelve through fifteen. The Wave, by Todd Strasser is one book that I do not regret reading and I guarantee you won’t as well!

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