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The veldt technology theme

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The Veldt Technology Theme Excessive technology can lead to a characters greed and/or death. The Veldt, by Ray Bradbury, is about a family that had been blinded by technology. George and Lydia Hadley have been living in an expensive house were everything they need to do is taken care of by their house. Although, their house is not any ordinary house. They bought it so they wouldn’t have to do anything. They also have a built in nursery which cost more than the house and turns everything you imagine into a reality. Letting the house take care of everything, Peter and Wendy Hadley, the children, feel as if they are not needed.

The house and nursery replaced the mom and dad. Peter and Wendy become disrespectful towards their parents. Along with the personality changes of the children, the nursery scenes change with them. The nursery used to be fantasies, such as Alice in Wonderland, Aladdin, or the land of Oz. After the kids’ behavior changes, the scenes in the nursery change to a hot burning sun In Africa were lions are feasting by a water hole. Since the parents didn’t have anymore options, they decide to call their psychologist. After a little research, the psychologist discovers that the kids have grown to hate their parents.

He tells them that the kids re used to getting whatever they want, and when you take that away from them, they became annoyed and irritated. George decides that they should take a vacation, and shut the house down. As they were packing to leave their house, the kids’ anger and hate overcomes their love they had for their parents. Peter and Wendy trick their parents into the nursery, and the lions feed on them. The parents discover why the screams they heard In the nursery previously where familiar and why the hot burning sun seemed so real. This shows that the theme of the story Is that technology has the power to undermine authority.

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