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The use of force

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Literature “ The Use of Force” By William Carlos Q The doctor visited the Olson family after being informed that his services were necessary in aiding an extremely sick little girl, Mathilda.
Q. 2. Based on how the story begins, it is clear that the relationship between the doctor and the family was formal. The way the parents talked about the doctor such as when the mother said “ such a nice man…” (William, 1938), shows they liked him. However, the same would not be said for the doctor. The doctor notes that when the girl’s mother referred to him as a nice man he ground his teeth in disgust. He tells the girl that she was old enough to know why the doctor was there (William, 1938). Clearly, this is a rude and arrogant doctor.
Q. 3. There are no incidents that show that this is a family of immigrants. However, there is evidence to show that it is a poor family. The mother says that the house gets damp from time to time (William, 1938). It depicts a family that is struggling financially, since they cannot afford a warm house.
Q. 4. The doctor suspected the child was suffering from Diphtheria, the same disease that had taken over in schools. Diphtheria is a fatal disease for children if it left untreated.
Q. 5. The parents, the child and the doctor all use different tactics that cause conflicts. There is external conflict when the girl attempts to kick and claw at the doctor’s eyes. The problem exacerbates when the mother asks the doctor if the child can stand the amount of force used. There is internal conflict when the husband tells the wife to get out (William, 1938).
Q. 6. The doctor learns that he had changed from a cool professional to a beastly attacker who found pleasure in attacking a female patient.
Q. 7. The doctor solves the problem by using force. As the title suggests, the doctor found it necessary to use force to save the girl’s life.
No, the theme of the story is not on how doctors have to hurt patients at times to help them. Given the unnerved feelings depicted by the doctor in the story, the theme involves power and submission.
Q. 8. The theme on “ sometimes doctors hurt patients to help them” represents a truth in life. There are patients, such as the mentally ill patients who may not willingly seek medical attention.
Q. 9. In a patient such as Mathilda, the doctor was not justified in using force. Mathilda is a child and other means may have worked to get the child to co-operate.
Q. 10. Based on his revolting actions and thoughts, the doctor also questions his actions. His tone with the parents and the patient also shows that he is not a professional.
William, C. W. (1938). The use of force. New York: New Directions Publishing.

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