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The times of my life: periodization

Every human being has a story to tell whether it be a dull one or a fascinating one, and my story is not particularly remarkable, but a story nonetheless. There are certain periods in life that can be summed up into a couple words; however, the full story would most likely not be included in those couple of words. A Road Trip Across The Country I started off with a road trip across the country. Being born in Los Angels, my parent’s would often experience a lot of crowds and difficulties with Jobs.

This lead to the decision of moving across the country, to the cozy state of Maryland where I pent the first eight years of my life. I truly enjoyed the time I spent there, I was a child, and thus I had little to no worries. Of course, there were problems with other students at school and occasional bruises and scratches from the playground from time to time. However, it was never anything too serious. No matter who you are, you’ve got to admit that children really do have it easy. No stress, no excessive amounts of homework from several teachers, no relationships and crushes to deal with, and no need to be self-conscious.

Eventually, I also had the opportunity to anally meet my half-brother when he moved to the United States after having grown up in a different country. He was ten years older than me and would have a hard time adjusting to a new lifestyle with my family. The Era Of Change After the road trip across the country, I would experience the era of change. Even though Maryland was enjoyable, the need to move elsewhere was overwhelming. My parent’s would have a very hard time due to not knowing the English language very well.

Our friends, who had recently moved to Virginia, offered to help us move from Maryland to Lynchburg. My parent’s thought of this as a great opportunity and immediately accepted their help. This would be when my brother, unfortunately, decided to move out of the house and travel to New York with my aunt and her family. She had promised him a great life and many opportunities, which she eventually failed to follow through with. My parent’s and I had to continue on our journey to Virginia, taking a total of 8 hours to complete. I started third grade and immediately began noticing changes in my life.

I noticed that l, unlike most children, had the responsibilities of an adult. All the forms that would have to be filled out, all he problems that doctors would identify and normally explain to the parent’s, all the conversations that parent’s normally held with others, everything would have to be taken care of by me. As I grew older in elementary school I realized that my communication skills and vocabulary had to become more refined in order to assist my parent’s thoroughly. The Era Of Inspiration Once the era of change ended, the era of inspiration came.

I would start middle school and go through my pre-teen years. My parent’s, who had no knowledge of what middle school would be like and couldn’t assist me in anything, tried their best o prepare me. This was when I obtained something that would completely change my life. In the beginning of middle school, I would be given my very own computer. If there was anything in my entire life that I had ever wanted, it would have been a computer. Technology fascinates me and I absolutely love anything related to it, to this very day.

Due to this computer, of course, my first year of middle school was mainly a blur. Aside from increased responsibilities with my parent’s, I also started to make friends with people from my school. I would typically change schools every year hen I was in elementary school so staying at one school for more than a year was really something new to me. My newly-found link to technology and the friends I made impacted my life in more ways that I can even begin to describe. I had found a best friend who was also inspired at the time.

We would talk about the future, college, careers, and happiness in general, even though we were only in middle school. The Era Of Confusion and Darkness The era of confusion and darkness soon arrived after the era of inspiration. I was I middle school, I was about to become a teenager, and I had many friends. You may have noticed that I didn’t mention any type of large interest in my grades. At this point in my life, I neglected my grades and focused on my social life. I’m not saying I completely ignored it, but 80% of my time was spent on my computer or my phone. Somehow, I began to feel very hopeless.

I would go through a lot of psychological issues that I don’t want to discuss, and after recovering, I realized something very important. I wasn’t doing anything that would benefit me. I would lash out at my parent’s and neglect helping them, I wouldn’t do my homework, and I would fall asleep in classes. I Just didn’t even care. I was a teenager who didn’t know what to do. The Era Of Clarity Now we have arrived at the era of clarity. My older brother and I were never really great at communicating with each other, but he gave me great words of wisdom when he realized I needed help.

It was thanks to him and my amazing friends that I really was able to focus more on my studies. This, of course, happened once I was on my way to high school: I surrounded myself with people who cared about school and distanced myself from the ones who didn’t, even if they were my best friends; I began o try to never Judge anyone based on appearance and treat people with respect; I heightened my communication skills to be of greater help to my parent’s; and I tried to enjoy every minute of it.

I have many newly established habits that Vive enforced in order to succeed. These are things I want to continue doing. All the periods of my life have had a purpose and they have been long and difficult, Just as any other humans life would be. Even if I still struggle with anger, motivation, and many other things, I’m able to keep going. I can’t predict what my next era will be, but I’m hoping it will be the era of success.

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