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The storyy


2. Both boys speak in a formal manner when talking to their parents and are silent when spoken to. They don??™t argue or talk back to their parents and they both do what they are told. e.

g., when Todd??™s dad orders him to recite the 4 pillars of Welton, Todd immediately does it and also, when Neil??™s father makes the decision of Neil not doing any extra curricular activities, Neil is disappointed, but he obeys. 10. By ripping out the pages, it signifies an act of liberation.

The boys are doing something for themselves and by doing so they are being courageous. 20. Neil wants to live life to the full and he wants to achieve all his goals and he wants to take everything out of life. He doesn??™t want to die and think to himself he didn??™t live his life the way he wanted. Neil did live his life by doing the things he wanted to do, by going in the play and joining the Dead Poets Society. 26.

The reaction the boys have to Shakespeare is amused and entertained. Mr. Keating uses different accents and voices to make it interesting. It makes the boys look at things with a different perspective and it shows that they must strive to fine their own ways. The boys must break out and release themselves.

34. Neil??™s mood changes because he is extremely passionate about acting and he thought that Todd would have his side and be a bit more enthusiastic for him. The mood in this seen has a lot of tension and awkwardness between the 2 friends and shows Neil??™s anger towards the fact that Todd doesn??™t have his side. The filming techniques used in the scene are mid-shots and also close-ups of their faces, this is done to display the mood set in this scene. 38. Three different types of student groups are the nerds- which are like the social outcasts. They focus on their studies and not their social lives.

Next is the popular group. This is the group who don??™t care about anything but themselves. They like to be the main attraction and pick on the others below them.

Another student group is the rebels. This group doesn??™t care about their schooling life. They are all about rebelling and going against what teachers say. They often drink under age and smoke and like to start trouble.

43. Neil is scared of deceiving his father because he has a lot of respect for him and doesn??™t want to disappoint him in doing the things he loves. The constant conflict with his father causes Neil to rebel more and more and get emotionally detached from his father.

51. Todd manages to perform a barbaric yawp which is what Mr. Keating was aiming for.

He is trying to excite the confidence in Todd. Mr. Keating is forcing Todd to grow up and be himself. The shy and nervous side of Todd s affected by this scene.

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