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The necessary art of persuasion

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Effective persuasion is a learning and negotiating process for leading our colleagues to a shared solution to a problem. And not all individual has given the gift of good communication skills and of good persuasion skills which is kind of essential to the business organization and even to us public servants working in the government because as we live and work day-by- day we need to influence and persuade our colleagues, our bosses, stakeholders and other people we come in contact with for a better collaboration, better output, quality work and be a good influencer and a leader.

In our everyday life we always need the art of persuasion and we cannot deny the fact that if we master the art of persuasion, it looks like we have a superpower. A superpower that would help us do some miracle as we enable to connect emotionally to each and every individual we encounter and made possible changes as we touch their lives with a deep sense of heroic mission towards success.

Persuasion skills can always be learned among other things and is said to be one of an imperative of being able to influence others as we all profoundly aim for a logical and ever changing future in a calm and assertive manner. Although we still cannot force other to do what we want them to be or not to do what they want them to do. Thus, in this manner persuasion process comes to help us deal the process and the idea in practice so that we won’t fail miserably because as we keep on persuading those people around us most especially our colleagues in the organization we could create an environment grounded in a line of reasoned arguments where we could use it effectively as we continue to strive hard to reach the organizations common goals towards development and success.

Furthermore, in this kind of work we are in right now, in this kind of environment and community we are living in, and in every people we come to influence and acquaint with we should always try to establish credibility among ourselves and with others, frame goals on common ground, to enable to vividly reinforce your position, and most importantly is to connect emotionally. All these process of persuasion we should come to accomplish and master within ourselves in order for us to establish and prove to everyone that we can therefore work in the best interest of others and with we can gain their confidence and trust which is crucial in building a just, dynamic and fair relationship with one another in our organization and the society we all live in.

Hence, Jim Rohn, once said that, if we just communicate, we can get by. But if we communicate skillfully, we can work a miracle. A miracle that we all needed to change the world’s perception. For according to Aesop, a Greek fabulist and storyteller, “ Persuasion is often more effectual than force”, wherein people in power were the great persuaders and that in this our world that is full of persuaders, people without power commonly acts on things and directives that are given directly to them without knowing when to compromise or making an argument or any possible concessions that will certainly raise an argument rather than to persuade other and to further negotiate in order to reach a logical and rational argument that will benefit both individuals.

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