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The importance of recycling

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Today we have a serious problem with pollution, resulting not only soil contamination, environmental, noise or air, we can significantly reduce this impact all being aware and knowing that recycling is reuse; if we make a daily habit will give more life to our planet. On the other hand, if we seefurther recyclingis environmental sustainability and if done properly would take advantage of a more effective way of natural resources. But really know what is recyclable?

Is a physical-chemical or mechanical process is to submit to a substance or a product already used to a cycle of total or partial treatment for a commodity or a new product. Could also be defined as the raw materials from waste, introducing them back into the cycle of life and occurs at the prospect of depletion of natural resources, macro economic and eliminate waste efficiently. While we know that pollution is due in part to buy most products that are not reusable or non-degradable then opt for not generating more waste and garbage.

There is an important chain of recycling which can significantly reduce the damage to our environment and to separate the waste and are divided into the following categories: Source: That is from where the waste and can be domestic or industrial. Recovery: Is to collect waste and waste by public or private, as well as transportation of waste transfer to plants. Transfer plants: In this, waste mixers are used for transport lower cost. Separation plant: Here are separated wastes.

Recycling final: After being edited separately, in this finally recycle (bins), plastics stored (landfill) or used for energy production (cement, biogas, etc. ). When recycling reduces the amount of virgin materials required for manufacturing, which dramatically alter ecosystems is also avoided. Few good reasons to recycle: Save space which is littered or used as dumping grounds are filled quickly and have to expand or seek new opportunities because they are sources of pollution and cause disease in its residents on training camps, this is called: to prevent pollution environment.

Waste incinerators are a major source of air pollution, as they expel gases that contribute to acid rain, toxic heavy metals and cancer-causing dioxin, as well as producing thousands of tons of toxic ash that ends up in landfills , this is known as: to avoid air pollution. Because it saves materials and resources: Our natural resources are finite, if not recycle them, lose them faster. Because time does not remove A U. S. study shows the total time used by a housewife for recycling, which is only 73 minutes, just over an hour a month, and just over two minutes a day.

Newspapers could use to make new paper and avoid the felling of trees every time is more intense, as only in the united states are cleared of trees about a million daily. Why recycle energy? One of the direct benefits of recycling is the conservation of energy that provides us with the following gains: To make one ton of recycled paper uses only 60% of the energy that would be used to make paper from virgin pulp. Reduced costs of treatment and disposal of solid waste: Creating jobs, saving foreign exchange, reduced external dependence.

Recycling glass lowers the melting temperature is needed to make new glass, from raw materials, saving up to 32% of the energy needed to produce it. Saving energy and saving trees help prevent problems like global warming, soil erosion, acid rain and water pollution. Recycling one aluminum can save enough energy to watch three hours of television. What can we recycle? Most of the materials in the trash can be recycled, some more easily than others, depending on the price they have at any given time, the collection centers and existing businesses, the ease of transport to these centers and the organizational level of our communities.

These materials are: Glass The most beneficial to the environment compared with glass containers would refuse, require packaging ” returnable” that can be used many times, that is, apply the ” recycling ” (returnable bottles and containers can be sterilized and used up to 7 times before there is a need for recycling). Glass recycling saved a ton of resources for every ton produced, reduce by 75% mining waste involved in their production and reduce pollution resulting there from by 20%. Plastics

The main problem with plastics is due to a completely inappropriate use of it, because it is a very resistant and durable, used to make objects that have use for a very short space of time, which are then thrown into the trash. This is evident with the variety of bags, plastic packaging and disposable products. Plastics are materials of great variety. Although they have a common origin, are polymers made from oil, but its molecular structure varies greatly from one plastic to another. Ferrous scrap Tin cans are so easy to recycle as aluminum, and recycled saves huge amounts of energy and resources.

Recycling steel and tin cans saves 74% of the energy used to produce virgin materials; at least 70% to 80% tin is recovered by recycling a can. Cans may be crushed, cut the bottom to save space. Containing aerosol cans are difficult to recycle for its explosive contents; it is preferable not to buy. The scrap metal is recyclable, but should be reasonably free of other materials. Aluminum It is also very easy to recycle and get a good price in the market, so many projects include recycling the cans. It is suitable to crush cans to store and transport easily.

To differentiate aluminum metal other just a magnet, if it is aluminum, not attractive. Aluminum foil, containers, window and door frames are also recyclable, although some recycling centers prefer to be separated from the cans. Too dangerous batteries: Batteries The batteries and micro batteries that invade our homes every day are really problematic. Radios, flashlights, clock, walkman, cameras, calculators, toys, computers are just a small sample of a huge list of products that use these energy sources (batteries), being the reason for its commercial success empower mains, or be a portable object.

Battery operation is based on a set of chemical reactions that provide a percentage of amounts of electricity, which though small, allows the operation of small engines or electronics. But this advantage in favor of autonomy is opposed to the negative effects of chemical compounds used in the reaction which produces electricity, since they are mostly heavy metals, since being released to cause serious environmental pollution problems. Consequences of not recycling:

GLOBAL WARMING Is the increase in global average temperature, caused mainly by the gases carbon dioxide and other air pollutants accumulate in the atmosphere like an increasingly thick layer, trapping the sun’s heat and causing global warming. The main sources of contamination by the emission of carbon dioxide are power generation plants based on coal, as issued 2. 500 million tons per year. The second largest source, automobiles, emits almost 1. 00 million tones of CO2 a year. POLLUTED RIVERS With the excessive amount of products consumed, the many factories that throw their waste into the water, the rivers are polluted, the creatures that inhabit them die or contain toxic products, some of them are consumed by us as food, water stops to be usable for human consumption, some rivers have disappeared, it is said that in some years there will be no water, why we are wasting and polluting today? MELTING OF THE POLES

Several articles and news as we have shown the poles have been melting, we do not realize the ecological impact that our Earth is suffering, we call home, how animals suffer for the loss of their natural habitat There are already endangered species and endangered species, all animals, plants or even microbes and bacteria are necessary for the life cycle, and we by pure consumerism are destroying the basics for human existence. POLLUTED CITY FULL OF GARBAGE

For our way of life in cities tend to consume too many products and use all means of transportation much easier, even small distances. We have not seen the massive amounts of pollution we put into our environment, in the air, the ground where trash is stored, the water is poisoned with chemicals given off by the trash in large quantities, even with noise! In conclusion I can say that recycling is an effective way to help nature replenish the natural resources to end the excessive amount of garbage, pollution of our environment and improving health as an alternate benefit.

It is a basic process we should use at home, is a habit we should have from small, the factories should be to have more environmental awareness, improvement begins at home, not by the laws that the government provides to help organizations social conscience, we must take care of our earth for future generations, is the only place we have to live and we are destroying it with consumerism, ” the acquisition or purchase outrageous, idealizes its effects and consequences associated with the practice obtaining personal satisfaction and even personal happiness. We just have not valued the essential things for the future, and hurt enough to last many places, wars, explosions nuclear for now so we are not interested technologic better, why not use it to help our system to improve and recover? •Ackerman, Frank. (1997). Why Do We Recycle? : Markets, Values, and Public Policy. Island Press. ISBN 1-55963-504-5, 9781559635042 •Porter, Richard C. (2002). The economics of waste. Resources for the Future. ISBN 1-891853-42-2, 9781891853425 •http://planetabeta. com/search/reciclaje

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