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The implications of drone targeted killings

Senator Durbin: The duty of the President of the United States is to defend the US from foreign threat within the framework set by a nation that is both democratic and where the rule of law prevails. The authority of the President is rooted in our constitution set by our Founders over two centuries ago. Todays subject: Drone attacks are deployed by our military far more frequently than those of traditional tactics of war in recent years. The administration has attempted to ground its drone policy in statute. What is the statutory and constitutional protections of US citizens when targeted overseas and what is the legal definition of a combatantSenator Cruz: Drones are technology and can be used potentially for both good and ill.

The issue is mover the scope of federal power in relation to drone strikes amongst many other related issues. Federal overreach was at the root of Senator Pauls filibuster with which he was honored to take part in. Senator Cruz then repeats the same question that he posted two monthes prior to US Attorney-General Eric Holder: If a U. S. citizen whom the administration strongly believes to be a terrorist threat is sitting quietly at a cafe in the United States??“ not posing an imminent threat of death or bodily harm??“ does the Constitution allow a drone to kill that citizenThe authority of the federal government and the constitution should not be partisan issue.

The thirteen hour fillbuster saw the American people fixated on C-Span; a first for the American people Im sure (laughter). The very next day Attorney-General Holder finally gave a real reply to both Senator Paul and himself.: Witness are Sworn In+General Cartwright: Served 40 years in the Marine Corp and retired in 2011 and was also Commander of the US Strategic Command. Are we to continue with the era of remotely directed armed flight vehicleThree Goals in Relation to Drone Targeted Killings: 1.) Defeat Terrorists and the organizations financing them. 2.

) Demolish terrorists and the organizations granting them both ideological and logistical support. 3.) Defend US interests at home and abroad within the framework of law. Under what conditions is it appropriate to order the deployment of dronesTo answer such questions we must : 1.) Review and address the framework for accountability, improvement, and the research of drone strikes.

2.) Concerned that we have sacrificed much moral authority on this issue. Professor Rosa Brooks: The idea of the rule of law is to check government from acting outside of its boundaries as defined by the constitution as to prevent unwarranted killing of citizens and/or the confiscation of their property. There is no problem between special laws and general laws when it stated clearly when both correctly apply.

A special case of course would occur during a time of war but war itself has evolved from the traditional battlefield between two conventional forces in opposing uniforms to highly diverse terrorists who scatter themselves across the nations of world. There are also sovereignty issues for terrorists can base themselves ion potential theaters of operations that are not under direct control of the home government and/or when they are a drone strike would need to occur without the permission of the native government. There is also the issue of who in the executive branch makes the decision to use a drone Extra-judicial killings or combat that falls within the lawful rules of proper engagement in both American and international jurisdictions. Final Thoughts: Its is completely plausible to grant legal justification to potential drone strikes in the future. Professor Ilya Somin: In wartime targeted killings is a legitimate tactic to be undertaken by an opposing military.

It is legally permissible to target terrorists just like uniformed soldiers. [Case in Point: On April 18 President Franklin Roosevelt instructed Secretary of the Navy Frank Knox to order Admiral Nimitz to “ Get Yamamoto”. After intelligence was intercepted and decrypted detailing the Japanese Admirals flight coordinates while giving an inspection of Japanese naval maneuvers. A squadron of Lockheed P-38 Lightning aircraft then proceeded to shoot his plane down in mid-flight.]Americans can be legitimate targets if seen fighting on the side of the enemy.

Though there are two inherent problems with the killing of Americans in a theater of war with a drone. 1.) Innocent civilians can die as collateral damage in the cross-hairs of a drone strike and have. 2.) An American citizen can die if he/she expresses views that are contrary to that of the government which of course would be a contradiction of the constitution. Colonel McSally: Comes to the Senate committee today from the operational perspective. It is more correct in her opinion to use the term remotely piloted aircraft (RPA) as opposed to “ drone”. The latter term is being exploited by Al-Qaeda for propaganda purposes.

There legitimate questions that need to be asked. 1.)Are drone strikes legal2.) Is it good strategy3.

) What platform should we use to execute drone if they are argued beyond a reasonable doubt to be both legal and strategicPilots, SEALs, intelligence operatives, cruise missiles, and allied soldiers are also tactically sound to be deployed against a potential drone target. RPAs gives us the highest level of scrutiny and oversight when its is decided they are to be used against the enemy. Cruise missiles by contrast cannot be aborted post-launch. Peter Bergen: Under President Obama there have been 306 drone strikes inside Pakistan and as a direct consequence between 2, 000 and 2, 300 people have lost their lives in these strikes: 6x more the number of drone strikes that were carried out by the Bush Administration.: Only one drone strike was carried out in Yemen under the Bush Administration as opposed to 46 drone strikes under President Obama. 664 casualties in Yemen as a consequence of these drone strikes. Only 2% of those who died in Yemen were identified as enemy leaders.

North Waziristan has seen the largest number of drone strikes inside its territory. The casulty rate has improved from nearly 100% to being now 2% on average. There are two major reasons as the for the major decrease in drone-caused civilian death. 1.

) Drone strikes are being more closely adjudicated by President Obama. 2.) Smaller payloads. There have been around 400 civilian deaths in Pakistan in 2012.

Due to intelligence gathered from Bin-Ladens compund in Abbottabad it has been determined that the now deceased Al-Qaeda leader was highly concerned about the growing use of UAVs against his groups bases throughout Pakistan. As a consequence he believed that AL-Qaeda should be based in Eastern Afghanistan because it is easily forested and it was also noted that he wanted to son to move to Qatar to obtain safety for himself. Farea Al-Muslimi: Only six days ago his village was hit by a drone strike. Although he was born in Yemen he feels that due to being raised in the United States he feels he is as American as he is Yemeni.

He thus cannot believe that the country to grew to love is capable of striking the very village from which he was born. He testifys that the people from his village now only think of drone strikes when thinking of the United States. He recently spoke to 40 tribal leaders in the capitol of Adan where 40 villagers died.+Senator Durbin to General Catwright: The former is worried that we have lost the moral highground due to the constant use of drones when hitting terrorist targets overseas. Current drone policy is engendering more problems then we are solving. Oversight is challenging but not impossible.

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