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The historical jesus

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During Jesus’ time, He is opposed by the Jews because of their claim that He is destroying the law given to Moses by God himself. However, Jesus explained to them that he is not sent in the world to destroy the law but to fulfill it. It should be noted that through enough Jesus preaches the same law in the Ten Commandments. The first four laws, He summarized as loving God with all thy heart, soul, and mind while the last six He summarized as loving other people as one’s self. This is at the heart of Jesus’ message-for a man to have a personal relationship with his God and a harmonious relationship with his fellowmen.
The message of Jesus is contained in the parables that He speaks and in His sermons. Talking to the common people and not to the Jewish church’s officials, He delivered His divine messages through worldly examples in order for a common person to understand. His twofold message, as discussed above cannot only be seen in His preaching but through His death and resurrection.
Jesus stresses the importance of having a personal relationship with God. In the Bible, Jesus himself communes with the Father through prayer and fasting. He exemplifies how it is to live a Christian life through daily prayer and meditation of God’s word. In other words, He also stresses that the branches (believers) should always be connected to the Vine (God). When asked by Nicodemus on how to get to heaven, Jesus replied that a person must be born again which emphasizes the restoration of the relationship between God and man. Thus, in order to bring the sinners to God, Jesus mingles with tax collectors, prostitutes, and other people who are considered notorious during His time. Jesus healed the sick, made the blind man see, made the crippled walk but His purpose is to heal the soul of the individual.
The second part of Jesus’ message concerns the relationship with other people. He said that we should love others as ourselves by doing to them what we want them to do to us. He also stressed the commandments given by Moses but give more strict laws. In Moses’ time, sin is only committed when it is done but Jesus stressed that sinning is not necessarily committing the act. Thoughts are no different than actions.

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