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The happiness

Happiness Currently, many sociologists are venturing into research about happiness. Although many people livewith an assumption about the definition of happiness, it implies a state of positive emotions. Research into this field has highlighted interesting findings. Some people consider happiness as a status of well-being and associate it with several factors. Others define happiness from the cognitive perspective. This paper will briefly highlight how many people in society define happiness. It will also consider the difference perception of men and women to happiness.
Men relate happiness with finances. Younger men strive to become financially stable with a notion that this will increase their happiness. For most men, happiness correlates with their financial situation and is rarely an aspect of the outcomes of their relationships (Anderson and Taylor, 2006: 424).
On the other hand, women seem to derive a level of satisfaction and fulfillment from family and relationships. They strive to have working relationships and concentrate on building their families. To women, being happy is fundamental and they make effort to attain a status of happiness in life (Anderson and Taylor, 2006: 407).
Society has an objective and subjective perspective of happiness. Some people derive a level of happiness from religion. According to many sociologists, the prevailing social conditions and other factors affect the level of happiness. Although happiness reflects a state of the mind, it is not a product of one’s attitude only. Happiness depends on a combination of factors. People of different ages perceive happiness differently. There is a varying perception of happiness across the gender system.
Anderson, M. L., & Taylor, H. F. 2006. Sociology: understanding a diverse society. Belmont, CA, Thomson/Wadsworth.

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