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The hacienda plain

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According to research, the cultures on the Hacienda Plain changed significantly through time. This emanates from the fact that there was a transition of culture from the earlier one that lived in the plains first. It is established that the Olmecs established themselves on the plain earlier on what is now known as the Tabasco and Veracruz. At that time, the Olmecs worshipped a jaguar god while at the same time built massive head stone carvings. They also built cities. However, there culture did not survive the test of time as it vanished although a few remnants of their artifacts were visible at around 400 BC. The Olmecs were followed by six major groups that resided in the plains, and these groups included the Aztecs, Teotihuacan, Maya, Mixtecs, Toltecs and Zapotecs. Other smaller groups were also evident (Daniels, David 29). Thus, to complement their diverse cultures, the various civilizations opted to practice human sacrifice. This was deemed as a move, to balance their spiritual and earthly realms, and also a way of appeasing their gods. They also were prudent in other civilizations such as pottery, mathematics, architecture, art and textile weaving. Mayans had the most accurate calendar at that time. Research also asserts that Aztecs were the most powerful group at that time as they ruled a greater empire before the 15th century. Prior to the 15th century, they specialized in subjugating neighboring tribes, which explains their vast rule. They also embraced art as their city located on the lake was depicted with aqueducts, picturesque city of pyramids, animated marketplaces, mile-long roads that floated. Taxation was practiced at that time and annexing of land was the in thing by their emperor. This did not last beyond 1519 with the coming of the Spanish adventurer Hernan Cortez. Spanish invaders are blamed for the latter changes that took place in the region because they captured the Aztecs emperor until his death and they transformed many things in the plains afterwards (Daniels, David 30).

The sites in the Hacienda plain relate to Zatopecs, Nanosecs and Totalrecs in myriad ways. For instance, research alludes that Zatopecs constructed stone-built temples, which they preferred to marvel at. On the other hand, Nanosecs are known for the hamlets because they were a poor lot then practicing subsistence farming that bore them less or nothing. The hamlets are also related to the small earthen pyramids, which functioned as their worship centers. Lastly, Totalrecs relate to the ites because Zatopecs inscribed on their temples the attacks that Totalrecs used to advance against them (Daniels, David 30).

The connection between these sites emanates from the fact the people that resided in the area had close affiliation, which explains some resemblance in architecture. For instance, it can be assumed that the small pyramid temples belonging to Nanosecs depicted an attempt to copy the Zatopecs’ design only that they did not have the given economical power as the latter.

The Nanosecs, Zatopecs, and Totalrecs relate to each other from the fact that they resided close to each other. Research also asserts that, in the past, the groups were closely related and practiced human sacrifice for the purpose of appeasing their gods. However, they fell apart after some time as the Zatopecs rose on the economic scale while the Nanosecs practiced small subsistence farming. On the other hand, Totalrecs raided the Zatopecs for their precious ornaments. Totalrecs and Zatopecs did not speak the same language.

The Zatopecs had inscriptions in their temple that spoke of the Totalrecs who resided in the jungle near the sea where the sun set. This means they did not have much to do with the jungle. However, research opines that the Totalrecs resided in the highland region where they used to plan and execute attacks on the Zatopecs for their precious ornaments. All the cultures believed that the highlands represented an area where the sun sets near the sea.

Their material culture reveals that most of the people in the region led affluent lives. This specifically points to the Zatopecs who had huge pyramids. In addition, judging from the Totalrecs raiding of the Zatopecs, it is evident that they cherished affluent lives, which meant they had to satisfy their needs through stealing. Regarding their religion, it can be concluded that they cherished a powerful and protective god, which explains the jaguar carving that they deemed as their god. The politics in the region was peaceful, which allowed the development of the many sites and cities in the region. In addition, it can be deduced that the politics was autocratic, which allowed the amassing of wealth. Lastly, with all the wealth spread out in the region, it can be concluded that their economy was stable and of a social nature. Capitalism would not facilitate the region to flourish economically.

Other interpretive possibilities from the evidennce are that the Zapotecs resided on highlands in pyramids for security purposes. It is also evident that the economic activity of the region was farming given that they resided in highlands whereby we know, receive a good amount of rainfall per annum. Another interpretive possibility is that the people in the region practiced idolatry since they worshipped idols that they carved themselves. This especially refers to the jaguar god, which was made from a carving.

In order to continue work on the Hacienda Plain, my research project will first be justified by the fact that the area is still rich in natural resources such as soil. This will be justified in relation to Corin’s tip regarding pottery and the soil that is found in the region. Secondly, I will explore the region to familiarize myself with the people’s culture and what they deem as missing. In addition, I will seek to know from the people whether the area has room for expansion in terms of pottery work. I prefer a quantitative approach to research as it saves on time because the sample group will be contacted through phones, mails and word of mouth from emissaries. Then, I will investigate all materials necessary for the continual construction of the area. This will facilitate the budget and will enable coming up with a viable project design that will ensure the continuation of work in the region.

In conclusion, myriad changes took place during in the early years of the Hacienda Plains. The area was inhabited by different cultures that tried to embrace each other through making human sacrifices. Close relations emanate between the people living in Hacienda Plains and the sites. For instance, Zatopecs were renowned for constructing pyramids. Nanosecs also constructed pyramids that were less prestigious than those by Zatopecs. The relation that the Totalrecs draw from the sites is the fact that Zatopecs inscribed their attacks on them in the pyramid walls, probably as a reminder of the gruesome act by the Totalrecs. The politics of the region can be said to be autocratic, which ensured the amassing of wealth. The economy seems to be of a social nature as it allowed some communities to live in luxury while others resided in squalor conditions. Several interpretive evidences can be drawn from the evidence. These include the fact that the economy of the region was basically subsistence given that they resided in highlands. In addition, it can be interpreted that the people in region practiced idolatry given the nature of their gods.

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