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The fatal destrustion

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Buildings shaking, my legs trembling, the picture on my walls falling, and my heart asking a thousand questions asking myself “ What’s going on?” After a few minutes the shaking stops and I just realized that I, myself just have witness an earthquake. Earthquakes happen anytime of the day.

It can destroy a whole city in matters of seconds. Therefore, earthquakes is the most dangerous Natural Disaster. Earthquakes happen when the earth’s plates slide by each other. Earthquakes Inductive Data Set states, ” Shaking, rolling, or sudden shock of the earth’ s surface.” It means that when the earth moves then an earthquake begin. Powerful earthquakes usually happen near the fault lines.

It can also happen during the anytime of the day or night. Earthquakes can cause immediately collapsed of tall/big buildings. The biggest earthquake that ever happened in the USA was in Alaska on March 28, 1964. Earthquakes mostly and commonly happen near the fault lines. Earthquakes can cause damages to as much as a million of dollars.

If you’re thinking a earthquake happens during an earthquake then think again. After an earthquake happens a tsunami occurs (if you’re near the coast.) DOUBLE THE DISASTER! For now there is no way of predicting when earthquakes will happen but scientists are working on it. One thing to prepare for an earthquake is to know where to hide/protect yourself. A way to protect yourself is to hide under a table, desk or even a door frame.

The reason to do so is to just protect yourself from getting hurt or injured. Earthquakes is my choice to be theNumber 1 Natural Disaster because it can double or even triples the disaster. This big one can destroy your house in matte of seconds and cause a tsunami plus, flooding. An earthquake is caused by earth’s plates sliding onto each other. If this big guy can be predicted we can save millions of lives.

Therefore, Earthquakes is the worst and most dangerous Natural Disaster.

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