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The dream job

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Hip-hop Artist I realized my talent in music when I was a little child. At the age of three, I exhibited an overwhelming fascination with music majorly because my parents are musical people. I have nurtured this talent over the years, and have the conviction that I want to become a hip-hop artist. Although I have loved different music genres as I grew up, I have an ardent passion for hip-hop music. My choice of being a hip-hop artist was motivated by the fact that at the age of eleven, I realized I could rap. Initially, I mimicked the lyrics of other people, but I developed the art of composing my set of rhythmical lyrics.
Hip-hop music involves rapping and ‘ MC-ing’, terms that were coined in the 1970s to describe the action of rhythmically uttering a certain set of lyrics following certain beats. Usually, rapping has stood the test of time in describing what hip-hop artists do, an attribute that makes their music outstanding (Hess 56). Evidently, rapping is distinctly different from singing, and requires a level of talent and creativity. In other cases, hip-hop artist may wrap some stanzas of a song and then sing the chorus. Rapping has certain choreographic moves that accompany the rhythmical lyrics. Evidently, hip-hop musicians must exhibit expertise in performance and demonstrate the ability to create a fan base and be able to entertain them. Music plays a critical role of entertaining although a percentage of the audience considers the theme of the lyrics.
Job Responsibilities
The job responsibilities of a hip-hop artist may be tasking because they include composition of the lyrics, choice of the appropriate moves, design, and pattern of the choreographic moves, audio and video production, performance at different concerts, and marketing trips (Hess 87). Composition of the lyrics is the initial stage in any music genre. This needs talent because the artist must exhibit expertise of putting together rhythmical words. An artist may also rely on the composition of another individual, while paying royalties as dictated by the legal requirements. Different instruments are used in the production of the beats with the expertise of the producer. An artist requires choreography classes in order to have moves that conform to the lyrics and the beats (Katz 67). With the help of the producer, an artist can record an audio version of the music. Videoproduction is more demanding and requires an entire crew on board. Performance at different concerts requires energy and enthusiasm as it involves direct interactions with fans.
Developing a musical career is expensive and requires sufficient funding. Hiring a producer, choreographer, and producing both audio and video version requires money. Moreover, one must take some time before attracting a reasonable number of fans. However, the returns from a hip-hop artist who exhibits the potential of entertaining the audience can be overwhelming. Returns include the sale of both audio and video versions, royalties from media houses, and money paid for performance at concerts.
Evidently, hip-hop music is an amazing genre that began in the 1970s and has its roots among African Americans who developed the genre in New York from the role of acting as a concert master of ceremony (MC), who talked in between performances in a rhythmical way in a bid to entertain the audience. Such ‘ MC-ing’ later developed to become an independent music genre. I am sure that pursuing this musical career will offer me a level of fulfillment because I have always had a passion in music.
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